Teaching abroad in Nigeria

Nigeria is an interesting and challenging country to live and work in that has a lot to offer to expats. We work with some of the best international schools in Nigeria and are proud to assist talented teachers in finding a job there.

Key details

Population: 131,529,700
Capital: Abuja
Currency: Nigerian naira
Number of international schools: 55
Number of IB schools: 6
Number of current vacancies: 7
Cost of Living

Living in Nigeria

Nigeria is Africa's most populous country, located in the West of the continent. Nigeria has a bad reputation for crime, corruption and pollution, and is indeed a challenging place to work, but does have some plus points for expats. In major cities Lagos and Abuja, there are lively and supportive expat communities, with a range of social activities to participate in. Nigerian people are friendly and welcoming to foreigners, and Nigeria has an interesting mixture of ethnic groups, cultures and religions. Nigeria has a year-round hot climate with a rainy season. English is the official language, though many regional African languages are also spoken, and an increasing number of Nigerians also speak French.

Lonely Planet Nigeria

Latest teaching jobs in Nigeria
Visas and Medical

To enter and work in Nigeria, you will need a business visa and residency visa which you can apply for at an embassy. For information see http://www.expatarrivals.com/nigeria/visas-for-nigeria Public healthcare in Nigeria is not of a good standard and expats should use only private facilities. Even these may not be up to standard, so expats should have an insurance policy that covers evacuation in case of a serious emergency. For information see http://www.expatarrivals.com/nigeria/healthcare-in-nigeria

Latest teaching jobs in Nigeria
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