Teaching abroad in Uganda

Uganda is an interesting place to live and teach. We work closely with our partner schools in Uganda to help talented teachers find a rewarding job there.

Key details

Population: 28,816,230
Capital: Kampala
Currency: Ugandan shilling
Number of international schools: 10
Number of IB schools: 3
Number of current vacancies: 1
Cost of Living

Living in Uganda

Uganda is a landlocked nation located in East Africa. The country has largely recovered from civil war in the 1980s to become a relatively peaceful and stable country; however it remains a developing country that lacks in infrastructure and certain amenities that Westerners take for granted. However, the number of expats is increasing, particularly within the capital, Kampala. Ugandan people are friendly and welcoming to foreigners and English is widely spoken so it isn't too hard to settle in. Uganda has a tropical climate with year-round warm temperatures and two dry seasons.

Lonely Planet Uganda

Latest teaching jobs in Uganda
Visas and Medical

To work in Uganda, you will need a visa and work permit. For information see http://www.immigration.go.ug/content/work-permits-and-other-residence-facilities Healthcare in Uganda is of a variable quality and expats should invest in a private health insurance policy. Many international schools offer this as part of their package.


Latest teaching jobs in Uganda
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