Teaching abroad in China

China is a popular teaching destination and has a good number of reputable international schools. Teacher Horizons partner with some of the best international schools in China and we have assisted numerous teachers in their search for jobs there.

Key details

Population: 1,315,844,000
Capital: Beijing
Currency: Chinese yuan (renminbi)
Number of international schools: 341
Number of IB schools: 141
Number of current vacancies: 420
Cost of Living

Living in China

China is a fascinating place to live and work. As the world's most populous country, and the second-largest country in Asia, it's no surprise that China is enormously diverse in climate and culture. The North tends to be cooler and drier, while the South has a warm, tropical climate. The 'Big Three' cities, Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou, claim the largest expat communities and boast cosmopolitan eating and shopping options. In smaller towns, the regional diversity is more obvious and the rich cultural heritage shines through.

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Latest teaching jobs in China
Visas and Medical

In order to obtain a working visa to teach English in China, you will need to have a degree and two years' teaching experience. The age limit is generally 24-65 for males, and 24-55 for females, although these requirements are somewhat flexible. See http://www.travelchinaguide.com/embassy/visa/work.htm for more information. Public healthcare is available in China, although the quality is variable. Most expats choose to use private health insurance. Many international schools offer private health insurance as part of their benefits package.


Latest teaching jobs in China
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