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The Philippines is an interesting and rewarding place to live and work, with many advantages for the expat. We work with some of the best international schools in the Philippines and have assisted numerous teachers in their search for a job there.

Key details

Population: 83,054,480
Capital: Manila
Currency: Philippine peso
Number of international schools: 32
Number of IB schools: 17
Number of current vacancies: 2
Cost of Living

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Living in Philippines

The Philippines is an attractive place to live and work because of its relatively low cost of living compared to many other locations in South-East Asia. The Philippines consists of over 7,000 islands with the capital, Manila, located in the northernmost island group. The Philippines is unique in South-East Asia in that the religion is predominantly Catholic, and the culture has a strong Spanish influence. You can see Spanish architecture in the country's churches and universities, and many towns are designed around a central square. However, Spanish is no longer widely spoken so much as English. Many businesses and schools use English as the lingua franca, and young people enthusiastically embrace American culture. The Philippines has a year-round warm tropical climate and is susceptible to extreme weather during the monsoon season.

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Latest teaching jobs in Philippines
Visas and Medical

To work in the Philippines, you will need a 9(G) visa and an Alien Employment Permit. Your employer should help to obtain this for you. For information see http://www.expatarrivals.com/philippines/visas-for-philippines Public healthcare is available, though the standard can be variable, especially in rural areas. Many expats choose to use private health insurance. Many international schools offer this as part of their benefits package.

Latest teaching jobs in Philippines
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