Teaching abroad in Denmark

Denmark is an attractive place to live and teach because of its great quality of life. Teacher Horizons are happy to assist international school teachers in their search for work in Denmark.

Key details

Population: 5,430,590
Capital: Copenhagen
Currency: Danish krone
Number of international schools: 13
Number of IB schools: 6
Cost of Living

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Living in Denmark

Denmark is a small country that regularly features high in quality of life surveys. Because of governmental measures to ensure equality amongst its citizens, it has relatively little disparity between rich and poor. Saying that, however, the cost of living is rather high, although you can expect a decent salary to compensate for this. English is widely spoken in Denmark, so it's quite easy for English speakers to settle in and communicate with locals. Denmark has mild winters and cool summers; average summer temperatures are somewhat cooler than the UK but winter temperatures don't plunge anywhere near the extremes of central Europe.

Lonely Planet Denmark

Latest teaching jobs in Denmark
Visas and Medical

Depending on your country of origin, you may require work and residence permits to work in Denmark. For more information see http://www.expatarrivals.com/denmark/visas-for-denmark Denmark's public healthcare is of a very high standard and is free to EU citizens. Some expats may still choose to use private healthcare insurance; your international school may assist with this.

Latest teaching jobs in Denmark
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