Teaching abroad in North America

Are you looking for international school jobs in North America? Using Teacherhorizons, you can get information about international school salaries and apply for teaching vacancies in North America and around the world. North America can be an appealing place to live and teach and has a number of great international schools. However, the job market is very competitive due to the abundance of available teachers.

Key details

Number of countries: 9
Number of international schools: 68
Number of IB schools: 35
Number of current vacancies: 22

Living in North America

North America is a great location to live and teach, and has some excellent international schools and career opportunities. The United States has a diverse range of cultural influences, climates and scenery, so there is surely a city to appeal to everyone. Maybe you would like to teach in a world-famous cosmopolitan city such as New York or Las Vegas. Alternatively you might be interested in the fascinating island state of Hawaii, or the chillier climes of Canadian cities such as Vancouver or Montreal. Wherever you choose to teach in North America, you are assured a decent quality of life and a cost of living that is more reasonable than many parts of Europe and Asia. An added advantage is that you can travel a long way within North America without encountering a language barrier or the bureaucracy of crossing borders. However, the market for teaching jobs in North America can be extremely competitive. For more information about living and teaching in North America, check out the individual country pages for your intended destination.

Latest teaching jobs in North America
Popular countries to teach in North America

These are some of the most popular teaching destinations in North America. Click on a country to explore schools and teaching jobs there.

Popular countries to teach in North America
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