Teaching abroad in Canada

Canada is a great place to live and work. We have links with reputable international schools in Canada to help talented teachers to find a job there.

Key details

Population: 32,268,240
Capital: Ottawa
Currency: Canadian dollar
Number of international schools: 15
Number of IB schools: 9
Number of current vacancies: 3
Cost of Living

Living in Canada

Canada is attractive to expats from all over the world because it offers an excellent quality of life and has a reasonable cost of living when compared to many parts of Europe and Asia. It is a safe and stable country with great healthcare and education. The main concern for expats is the Canadian winter, especially in inland regions where the temperature plummets below zero for nearly half the year. The good news is that the buildings and cities are well-equipped to deal with the cold, so it doesn't make life too difficult.

Lonely Planet Canada

Latest teaching jobs in Canada
Visas and Medical

Visa requirements vary by country. See http://www.expatarrivals.com/canada/visas-for-canada for more information. Healthcare in Canada is of a high standard. Many expats choose to use private health insurance, which may be provided by your international school as part of their package.

Latest teaching jobs in Canada
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