At Teacher Horizons we love to get feedback from teachers about their experiences all over the world. We recently sent out a questionnaire to get some of this inside scoop. In various blogs throughout the next few months I am going to share with you some stories, some ups and downs and some true thoughts and feelings which have come directly from international teachers. I hope that these blogs will help answer your questions, perhaps give you the confidence to take the plunge, or at the very least, provide an interesting read.

This week I am going to let you in on some responses to: “Tell me something you have learned from teaching internationally that you wouldn’t have learned from teaching in your own country”.


globe“I have learned that education can be enjoyed by teachers and by pupils, and that school and learning can be seen by children as a choice rather than as an obligation. There doesn’t need to be so much pressure and stress put on staff and pupils.  I feel that this could be achieved easily if assessment was more formative.”

“I have learned just how small the world is. Teaching is teaching anywhere, just with a few differences in the syllabus or  teaching methods, and these are great things to learn from and reflect on.”

“Teaching abroad has given me more enthusiasm than I ever had back home, and I have learned that enthusiasm is infectious. It can make a difference to the atmosphere and morale within your classroom and within your department. When things are not going well, I have learned to avoid gossiping or sharing negativity. Try to be frank but think about when and how to convey issues especially to those in leadership.”

Have a think about these 10 reasons to teach internationally.



“I have learned that US spelling and punctuation rules are very different to those in the UK!”

“You learn so much from teaching abroad. It is much easier to become a learner yourself (which is important for teachers!). You see new things every day, and that is thought provoking, inspiring and life affirming. You think about new things, meet new kinds of people and see things from new perspectives. I think teaching abroad helps teachers keep an open mind – something that can get harder for everyone as they get older.”

“I have learned that children are far more resilient than we give them credit for.”

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laughing children

“I have learned that kids are the same all over the world. They mostly want to be happy and have fun and laugh with/at their teachers! They also all genuinely enjoy learning (even though some pretend not to) if they are taught well.”

“I have learned how important it is to see new things, get inspired and keep an open mind. Teachers at home suffer from stress and burnout – not just because it’s often tough but because they don’t have an open mind. Teaching abroad can be a welcome break for many teachers. Even if it’s for just a couple of years, they can return home and bring a fresh approach to their teaching.”



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