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How the Teacherhorizons community helps educate disadvantaged children in Sri Lanka

Extreme poverty, malnutrition, squalid living conditions, no running water and poor sanitation are all part of a tea picker’s life. The tea pickers sit at the bottom of Sri Lanka’s social strata. The education provided to the children on tea estates is deliberately poor so that few can achieve the qualifications to get jobs outside… Read more »

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How Teacherhorizons works

Are you the kind of teacher who loves applying for jobs? Don’t worry, not many of us do  – especially when we’re busy focused on teaching! Teacherhorizons is designed to make exploring jobs and applying to schools overseas easier and hopefully, more enjoyable! Here’s how Teacherhorizons works in ten steps… 1/ Join! It’s free to become a… Read more »

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Why Teacherhorizons donate 10% of profits to charity


We strongly believe that ‘internationalising teaching’ isn’t about just working with privileged private international schools. Our vision has always been to work with a range of institutions that benefit from overseas teachers where teachers can learn and develop professionally in an international context. These organisations might be charity projects, local schools, social enterprises too – places where teachers can learn new transferable skills.

We support organisations like this in two ways. First, we offer free advertising on our website. Secondly we have committed to giving 10% of our profits to education charities in Cambodia – where our Asia office is based.

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Entrepreneurship can and will be the liberating force for Africa’s economy

“Entrepreneurship can and will be the liberating force for Africa’s economy”

“All our future leaders will need to take human-centred approaches to resolving the challenges we face”

“No, success does not knock on doors. Talks don’t lead to great achievement. Only actions count”

Where are these quotations taken from? Mandela’s autobiography? The Dalai Lama? The FT?

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