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Yawn! 5 signs you need a new teaching job

Get me out of here!

We’ve all been there – after the initial excitement, your job slowly starts to lose its sparkle. Maybe it stops challenging you, or doesn’t quite deliver the career development that you wanted. But the longer you stay somewhere, the more you tend to forget that there’s a whole world of opportunity out there. If you’re experiencing… Read more »

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How to Get IB Experience


It’s the old work experience Catch-22: To get a great international school job, you need IB experience. But how to get IB experience if they won’t give you a job? I asked the Teacherhorizons team that all-important question: How do you get IB experience and start developing your international school career? 1. Are there some… Read more »

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Am I too old to teach abroad?


Teaching abroad may be commonly seen as something that young people do, but there are many reasons why teachers in the later stages of their career might want to head overseas. However, the options for finding an international school job start to narrow once you’re approaching your 60s. The good news is, getting the job is certainly… Read more »

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How to Complete Teacherhorizons References

Teacherhorizons references

Did you know that 100% of the teachers we placed last year had at least one reference completed by a Headteacher or Deputy Head? That’s why completing your references properly is imperative! Here’s what you need to know to get those references completed. Using Teacherhorizons’ streamlined system, it’s quick and easy for everyone. Here’s how… Read more »

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5 Ideas for World Teachers Day 2015

"Ataturkstatue" by I, Aviad2001. Licensed under CC BY 2.5 via Commons

In developed countries, accessible and affordable education is often taken for granted. But according to the latest UNESCO statistics, at least 93 countries around the world have an acute shortage of teachers. In order to achieve universal primary education by 2030, more than 27 million teachers are needed. In the rush to fill this gap, many countries… Read more »

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How to Move from Teaching ESL to International School Teaching

How to move from ESL to international school teaching

If you’re a TEFL teacher for any length of time, it’s likely you’ll become aware of the lucrative world of international school teaching. However, the requirements to teach at a good international school are higher, in terms of qualifications and experience, than most TEFL positions around the world. If you’re thinking of taking your career… Read more »

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