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Posted , by Sammy Tame

If you’re a TEFL teacher for any length of time, it’s likely you’ll become aware of the lucrative world of international school teaching. However, the requirements to teach at a good international school are higher, in terms of qualifications and experience, than most TEFL positions around the world. If you’re thinking of taking your career… Read more »

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Posted , by Neil Bunting

One of the strongest arguments for developing a career as an international educator – in addition to all the obvious add-on advantages, such as experiencing living in different cultures and climates, broadening your world view, learning new languages and developing international mindedness – is the opportunity to work with the International Baccalaureate programme (IB). The… Read more »

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Posted , by John Regan

To paraphrase Miss Jean Brodie, it is a teacher’s duty to lead their students out of the darkness of ignorance. This implies that leadership is a major quality of a great teacher. If we are educating the leaders of the future, not only should we be role models as leaders, but we ought to develop our students’ leadership skills and attributes in our teaching.

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