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Posted , by Alexandra Plummer

The world is your oyster when it comes to international teaching jobs, nowadays. Relocation is easier than it’s ever been and international schools are not going anywhere soon, meaning the demand for teachers in a growing number of countries around the world is constantly increasing. Despite the opportunity, it can be a challenge sorting through… Read more »

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Posted , by Alexis Toye

Making the most of the International Baccalaureate at international schools Why did you go into teaching? Was it to help students pass exams? I doubt it. Unfortunately, standardised testing and increasing pressure on teachers, students and school has led to teachers becoming overly focussed on exam results, therefore developing short term strategies to boost exam… Read more »

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Posted , by Zoe Anderson

We’ve connected with Zoe Anderson at Study Select to get her views and tips on teacher – parent communication from the teachers’ perspective. If you’re a teacher, you love your students. You might not always like them, but you honestly care about the kids who come into your classroom every day. Those students look up to you… Read more »

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