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How to Get IB Experience


It’s the old work experience Catch-22: To get a great international school job, you need IB experience. But how to get IB experience if they won’t give you a job? I asked the Teacherhorizons team that all-important question: How do you get IB experience and start developing your international school career? 1. Are there some… Read more »

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How to Move from Teaching ESL to International School Teaching

How to move from ESL to international school teaching

If you’re a TEFL teacher for any length of time, it’s likely you’ll become aware of the lucrative world of international school teaching. However, the requirements to teach at a good international school are higher, in terms of qualifications and experience, than most TEFL positions around the world. If you’re thinking of taking your career… Read more »

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How to Get Into Teaching ESL in International Schools


If you’re already a qualified teacher in your home country and want to take your career to an international school abroad, adding ESL to your skill set can be a great way to open up new opportunities. There’s a huge demand for ESL teachers, so gaining an appropriate qualification and relevant experience can allow even relatively… Read more »

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11 Ways For Teachers to Earn Extra Income

Skype tuition

When teaching abroad, ideally you have a great salary and can save a good chunk every month. But it’s always nice to make a little extra money in your free time, during holidays or between jobs. So, how can teachers earn extra income using their existing skills? 1. Private tuition The most obvious option is using… Read more »

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Getting involved – how schools can help their local community

If you currently teach in an international school there is a good chance you’ll love your life. International school teaching offers unparalleled opportunities for professional and personal development in a supportive environment and new culture. However, there may be something missing: the feeling that you are making a difference. There is a reasonable probability that… Read more »

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Developing your leadership skills

To paraphrase Miss Jean Brodie, it is a teacher’s duty to lead their students out of the darkness of ignorance. This implies that leadership is a major quality of a great teacher. If we are educating the leaders of the future, not only should we be role models as leaders, but we ought to develop our students’ leadership skills and attributes in our teaching.

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