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Ask The Expert: Meet Jo!

Continuing our new series of Ask the Expert posts, we chat with the Teacherhorizons team who share their valuable insight into the world of international teaching. Teacherhorizons staff are teachers themselves, so they’ve been in your shoes.  This week I chatted with Jo, a Teacherhorizons Recruitment Advisor with a penchant for simple-living, wild landscapes and… Read more »

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Living and working abroad – Part II

As promised, here are two more daily accounts of our consultants’ work adventures – this time all the way from Somerset, UK and Cairo, Egypt! Talk about the varied life our consultants lead! Contact Teacherhorizons and discuss your options of teaching in a new exciting destination. But first, grab yourself a nice cup of tea… Read more »

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Teaching in Malawi

Sculptures and murals

Have you ever thought about teaching in the warm heart of Africa? International teacher Petrina McGregor set off to Malawi this autumn with her family to teach at Bishop Mackenzie International School. Here, she reflects on her first few months teaching in Malawi. Bishop Mackenzie International School in Malawi is a real oasis. We live… Read more »

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Embracing teaching in Egypt

Teaching in Egypt

To be honest, my first impression when I saw the salary scale at Cairo English School was disappointment.

In hindsight, that was silly. I had not taken into account the benefit of not paying any tax or national insurance, or the fact that many things in Egypt are so cheap! Here are a few reasons to love teaching in Egypt.

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Who are you? – Identity and my experience in Tanzania

Maasai women in Tanzania

If I asked you to use one word, how would you define yourself to others? Are you a Canadian, an American, a Maritimer or a Californian?

Perhaps you’re of First Nations heritage and you recognise your tribe as being the group that you most associate with your identity. Maybe your first response would be Catholic, Muslim or Rastafarian. Or maybe your response would be brother, wife or husband of…

Now more than ever, I see myself as a citizen of this amazing planet and seem to have abandoned my preoccupations with identity.

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Teaching in the Seychelles – When a journey leads you by the hand

Teaching in the Seychelles

“It is good to have an end to journey toward; but it is the journey that matters, in the end.” (Ernest Hemingway)

I’ve always been bad at making decisions. What do I want for tea? What shall we watch at the cinema? Which subjects should I take at college?

So when my boyfriend and I were offered a job in the Seychelles I was in a panic.

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Would somebody please turn the lights on?

I heard a famous quote once that said, “each child is potentially the light of the world, and at the same time its darkness”. What determines whether a child will follow a path towards lightness and potential or a path towards darkness? I believe it is the role of parents and teachers to guide children towards the path of goodness. But what if that child has neither parents nor teachers? Who then will steer them in the right direction?

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