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Posted , by Anon

To be honest, my first impression when I saw the salary scale at Cairo English School was disappointment.

In hindsight, that was silly. I had not taken into account the benefit of not paying any tax or national insurance, or the fact that many things in Egypt are so cheap! Here are a few reasons to love teaching in Egypt.

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Posted , by Shannon Howlett

I heard a famous quote once that said, “each child is potentially the light of the world, and at the same time its darkness”. What determines whether a child will follow a path towards lightness and potential or a path towards darkness? I believe it is the role of parents and teachers to guide children towards the path of goodness. But what if that child has neither parents nor teachers? Who then will steer them in the right direction?

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Posted , by Alex Reynolds

“Entrepreneurship can and will be the liberating force for Africa’s economy”

“All our future leaders will need to take human-centred approaches to resolving the challenges we face”

“No, success does not knock on doors. Talks don’t lead to great achievement. Only actions count”

Where are these quotations taken from? Mandela’s autobiography? The Dalai Lama? The FT?

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