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Last Minute Placements

The new school year is around the corner. Whether it’s only fairly recently that you’ve begun to think about a career change or it’s been on the cards for ages, there’s still time to find some amazing teaching opportunities abroad – starting now! With these last minute placements it’s essential that you get in touch… Read more »

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Living and working abroad – Part II

As promised, here are two more daily accounts of our consultants’ work adventures – this time all the way from Somerset, UK and Cairo, Egypt! Talk about the varied life our consultants lead! Contact Teacherhorizons and discuss your options of teaching in a new exciting destination. But first, grab yourself a nice cup of tea… Read more »

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A Kiwi in Denmark


Hej! Have you heard of Carlsberg, Legoland, H.C. Andersen, Helene Christensen, Mikkel Mikkelsen, Lurpak and frikadeller? Well surprise surprise, they are all from Denmark! Teaching in Denmark has been an amazing adventure since I moved here from New Zealand about 18 months ago. Here are a few things that I can share about living here as… Read more »

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Lost in translation

Unlike many, I hadn’t come to Italy in search of its fine culture of good food, wine and the works of Da Vinci. And even the thought of ever potentially working out there as a teacher had never really occurred to me until I was in need of immediate work.

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International school teaching in Switzerland

Les Paccots, Switzerland

I was so excited to actually have a job offer for what on paper looked like my dream job that I accepted without thinking through all of the practicalities!

I was so desperate to leave my stressful job in an inner-city London Primary at the time, that I think I would have taken it anyway even if they had said they wouldn’t pay me, and I’d have to sleep in a cowshed!

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