Did you know that 100% of the teachers we placed last year had at least one reference completed by a Headteacher or Deputy Head?

That’s why completing your references properly is imperative! Here’s what you need to know to get those references completed. Using Teacher Horizons’ streamlined system, it’s quick and easy for everyone. Here’s how to complete Teacher Horizons references.

1. Getting to the references section

Access your profile by logging in to your account. Click on the Important Information button on the right-hand side.

How to complete Teacher Horizons references

2. Your ‘Referee 1’ must be your current or previous Headteacher/Principal or Deputy Head.

If you don’t want your current Headteacher to know that you’re thinking of leaving, use a previous one.

3. Enter their full name, email address, and the full name of the school.

As far as possible, use their school email address. Personal email addresses (gmail, Yahoo…) don’t look as good.

4. Enter their phone number if possible.

This isn’t mandatory, but some schools will like to have a phone conversation with your referees.

5. Hit send, but only when you’re ready!

As soon as you press the ‘send’ button, a reference request will automatically be sent to your referee. It’s a good idea to contact your referee first, so that they are expecting it. Let them know that the form is quick to complete and ask them to check their junk mail folder if they don’t receive our email.

6. Your referee receives the reference request.

It’s a simple multiple-choice questionnaire asking for their rating of your skills and attributes. You won’t be able to read what they have written, since this information is confidential.

7. You will receive an email when your referee has filled in the reference.

If you don’t receive the notification within a reasonable time, it’s your responsibility to chase your referee. Send them a polite reminder!

8. Repeat these steps for up to two more referees.

It’s not mandatory to provide three referees, but you can if you wish. Your first reference must be your current or previous Headteacher/Principal or Deputy, but the other two can be Heads of Department or Heads of Year. Avoid selecting “other manager” if you can help it.

From the same screen you can go ahead and fill in the different parts of your profile, including your skills, experience and the type of job you are looking for. Try to complete as much as possible. Ideally your profile will be at least 90% complete so that we have the best chance of finding your ideal job. If you have any questions about completing your profile, do let us know!

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Written by Sammy Tame
who lives and teaches in Cambodia. Sammy has her own blog.
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