Why Join Teacherhorizons?

Are you looking for a great international teaching position? The number of overseas teaching opportunities grows year-on-year but schools can vary enormously.  So how do you find the right position for you? Here are ten ways Teacherhorizons will help…


1/ Access the best opportunities worldwide

Every year we list thousands of teaching opportunities all over the world. Last year we placed happy teachers in 107 cities in 53 countries – from Bangkok to Buenos Aires, Switzerland to Singapore. As more and more schools are posting their vacancies on Teacherhorizons, we are the fastest-growing platform for exploring international teaching opportunities.

2/ It’s free

Teacherhorizons is free for teachers and we are committed to keeping it free. We strongly believe that talented teachers should not have to pay to find jobs or go to expensive recruitment fairs. Every year more international schools open across the globe, and competition for teachers is increasingly fierce. For this reason, we don’t charge any teachers a ‘membership fees’. 

3/ Get personal support

fasttracked1We have specialist advisers in each subject area who are qualified teachers themselves. They know the schools we work with and will provide advice and support. If you find a suitable opportunity, they will provide guidance on your profile
 and CV and advise you on your application.

4/ Get fast-tracked

The schools we work with have asked us to recommend Teacherhorizons teachers. If your adviser agrees, s/he will recommend you directly to the school Principal’s inbox. This ensures your application is fast-tracked and doesn’t get lost in the pile of hundreds of unsolicited CVs. For more details read how Teacherhorizons works.

5/ Join a growing community

We are a team of teachers – Teacherhorizons is a platform created by teachers for teachers. We are developing this resource so we can all benefit from transparent information about schools and honest advice from other teachers. Thanks to everyone for contributing and spreading the word, we now have over 100,000 teachers in this community – with about a hundred more joining every day. Both teachers and schools contribute content and update the website and we check and verify it. Please help develop this resource by contributing info, sharing stories or spreading the word. Or add details to an international school’s profile that you have taught in yourself.

meet up

6/ Explore trusted schools

We visit the schools we work with and have visited hundreds of schools across the world in the last few years. We speak to the teachers working there, get to know the leadership team and find out about the types of teachers they are looking for. We also check they’re decent places to work and get a sense of the lifestyle teachers lead based on the package they offer.

7/ Save money, energy and time

We don’t do recruitment fairs. ‘Fairs’ are costly for teachers, take up valuable time and many leave without securing a position. Online recruitment is growing year-on-year as good schools are opting to recruit as early as October to sign the best teachers before others do. More about fairs.

8/ Get endorsed

We are inclusive and believe in meritocracy. Each year we endorse around 15% of our teachers – based on their qualifications and experience. Progressive international schools are looking to hire a new generation of dynamic teachers with lots of energy and creativity and excellent tech skills. If you get endorsed, you increase your chances.


9/ Access salary details and more

Our teacher members gain access to lots of additional information such as the salary scale, the package and benefits the school offers (eg free education for your own children) tax and healthcare information and more.

10/ Support educational charities

We are committed to supporting the education of the less privileged, and each year we donate 10% of our profits to education charities in developing countries. Why we donate

Try it for yourself! Click here to join our community and gain free access to salaries info, packages details and how to apply.

Not sure yet? Find out more about the process of searching for jobs on Teacherhorizons right here.



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