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5 Self Care Tips for International School Teachers

You may have noticed the trend of mindfulness and self-care finding its way into classrooms, or at least into your social media feed! This trending article was circling for a while, and back in the summer, we gave our own tips on adding mindfulness activities into the classroom, which you can read again, here.  What about… Read more »

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What I know now about teaching abroad that I wish I knew then.

We all have moments where we look back on our past with new insights and think, if only I knew what I do now. Well, now you don’t have to experience that feeling because we have collected previous teachers “if only…” moments and put them together as valuable advice. Don’t leave home without it! Read… Read more »

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A new start – living in Thailand with a family

Our family

I am a first time mum (Fabien is three now) and some of the decisions that other parents have to make, such as where to send your child to school, have been made for me.

Being able to send your child to the Early Years provision at your international school is just one of the perks of the job – seeing them grow and make new friendships. It’s been an absolute pleasure to be able to drop my son off at his nursery and know that I am steps away if needed.

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Moving overseas with a family

My two year old’s future was bright. He would attend an International School, learn Thai and Mandarin, complete an International Baccalaureate and maybe go on to either a US or UK university. We would save money and enjoy trips to Koh Samet every other weekend. I did not think about some of the more pressing issues such as nappies… Read more »

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