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Posted , by William Melhado

While most of the world opted to stay close to home last year, those eager to travel are hoping 2021 will bring more possibilities for exploring. Securing an international teaching position can provide the security of a home base while opening opportunities for travel.  Looking for a new teaching job abroad may seem daunting during… Read more »

Posted , by Alexandra Plummer

Are you ready to teach abroad? A new year often calls for change. And what screams change more than moving country and putting your teaching experience to the test in a new environment?  Change can be daunting though, provoking those deep fears and doubts. We are here to turn those fears into excitement.  Drawing on… Read more »

Posted , by Alexandra Plummer

The teachers we place tend to have at least one reference completed by a Headteacher or Deputy Head. Completing your references on your profile is therefore imperative to getting your desired teaching placement. This blog gives an up-to-date account on how to complete your references using Teacher Horizons’ system. It’s really quick and easy, here’s… Read more »

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Posted , by John Regan

The old adage ‘patience is a virtue’ should have been coined for the process of getting a placement in a good international school! So many prospective candidates, having completed an individual profile, expect to achieve a position within a very short space of time.

Some even believe that they will be offered a position at the first role that appeals to them! Well, this occasionally happens with a superstar teacher, but for the rest of us mere mortals it’s a far more fraught and time-consuming affair.

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