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What is it like to teach in Hong Kong right now?

Are you asking yourself what it is like to teach in Hong Kong right now? The recent political protests in the headlines may have raised some concerns for those interested in teaching in Hong Kong. Louise Cosgrove is here to reasure us through an account of her experience working with English Schools Foundation (ESF) and… Read more »

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Ask yourself these 5 key questions…

Last week we suggested 5 questions to ask yourself in September. This week we cast the net a little wider, asking us what to consider when we consider teaching in international schools. What questions can guide us to make an informed choice about our career? International schools are seen as reputable institutions offering a high level… Read more »

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How to complete your Teacherhorizons’ References

The teachers we place tend to have at least one reference completed by a Headteacher or Deputy Head. Completing your references on your profile is therefore imperative to getting your desired teaching placement. This blog gives an up-to-date account on how to complete your references using Teacherhorizons’ system. It’s really quick and easy, here’s how!… Read more »

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Interviews in underwear – new format but old rules

Ever wanted to secure a great new international school job whilst wearing underwear!?

97% of Teacherhorizons’ placements have happened via Skype interviews. With internet speeds improving globally and with schools becoming more technology savvy, Skype interviews are likely to become common practice amongst schools. Skype interviews are far preferable to recruitment fairs and make much more sense than flying across the world at huge expense.

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The first 60 seconds of an interview – getting it right!

The first impressions are most important, as 80% of the final outcome are made (on both sides!) within 5 minutes of the start.  It is taken as read that the interviewer has spent as much time in preparing and research as the interviewee.  Both sides are evaluating whether their preconceptions are valid.  The interviewer is… Read more »

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