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Top resources for remote teachers in the time of Covid-19

Feeling overwhelmed with all e-learning resources floating around the web right now? Not sure which is best for your students?  Last week, we gave you the lowdown on how to navigate online teaching in this challenging time.  Having sourced through the plethora of resources, here are the online resources for international teachers that stood out to… Read more »

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5 Attributes of an Outstanding School

What makes a school really great? At Teacherhorizons we have been discussing some of the key factors that make schools outstanding.  One thing that rings true for us all is that stand-out schools are those that blow you away with the difference they are making to future generations. Luckily these schools are looking for new… Read more »

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4 innovative ways to use technology in the classroom

Innovation. A buzzword we have heard before, and one that isn’t going away anytime soon. But what does it really mean to be innovative in school?  We are lucky enough to have guest writer Dakota Murphey here again, telling us 4 sure-fire ways to help integrate technology and embrace our ever-growing advances and gadget-obsessed society…. Read more »

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What I know now about teaching abroad that I wish I knew then.

We all have moments where we look back on our past with new insights and think, if only I knew what I do now. Well, now you don’t have to experience that feeling because we have collected previous teachers “if only…” moments and put them together as valuable advice. Don’t leave home without it! Read… Read more »

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Teacher – Parent Communication Tips

We’ve connected with Zoe Anderson at Study Select to get her views and tips on teacher – parent communication from the teachers’ perspective. If you’re a teacher, you love your students. You might not always like them, but you honestly care about the kids who come into your classroom every day. Those students look up to you… Read more »

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How to use the flipped classroom technique

Flipped classroom

The flipped classroom or ‘flipped learning’ is something that many educators are now experimenting with. It’s a technique in which the lesson is turned ‘upside down’ with learning taking place remotely prior to contact with the teacher. Then, once the concepts have been explored by learners individually, they come to the lesson to consolidate them and/or seek clarification, so the teacher acts more as a facilitator rather than a provider of learning.

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Low tech methods for interactive teaching

Interactive teaching

No matter if you are teaching in Timbuktu or Chicago, you will have to deal with students that are attentive, disruptive, well behaved, and some that might be better described as a bunch of monkeys. Is there a clear cut solution across the board that will work for every student? No! The solution that is available for all teachers everywhere is their ability to innovate and think creatively to help everyone learn.

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Avoiding culture shock when teaching abroad

Every year, thousands of teachers cross borders to teach foreign students. Some search for greener pastures while others do it for humanitarian purposes. Compared to travelling as a tourist where you are treated as a guest, it’s a more challenging task because you need to stay in a foreign country for a longer period and you are forced to adapt. Teachers can certainly experience culture shock in and out of the classroom. Here are 7 useful tips for a smoother transition into your new culture.

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