As the end of December rolls around, let’s take a look back at Teacher Horizons’ most popular blog posts of 2015. Did you miss any?


1. 11 ways for teachers to earn extra income

The year’s most popular post lists a few ways teachers can turn an extra buck.

2.10 ways NOT to get an international school job

Are you committing any of these interview faux pas?

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3. Am I too old to teach abroad?

If you want to get into teaching at a certain age, here’s what you need to know.

4. A Kiwi in Denmark

Teacher Adika Kay let us know what it’s like teaching in the home of Lego and Danish pastries (we think).

5. 9 silly ways to make your teaching CV more interactive

Have you ever thought your CV should be a bit more like a worksheet? Well…

6. Teaching in Shanghai – expat interview

Teacher Alice Nettleingham gave us the lowdown on teaching in Shanghai.

7. 3 of the best international schools in Phnom Penh

Teacher Horizons’ own Anisha went to visit 3 excellent schools in Phnom Penh.

8. How to move abroad: a packing list for teachers

If you’re about to up sticks and take off for another country, what do you really need to take with you?


9. Starting with the International Baccalaureate

If you’ve never taught IB before, this article gives an excellent overview of what it is and what’s good about it.

10. 7 sure-fire ways to identify a good international school

If you’re sizing up a potential employer, here are a few indicators that’ll help you sort the wheat from the chaff.

Teacher Horizons would like to wish all our readers a happy new year. Enjoy your celebrations and we’ll see you next year!

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Written by Sammy Tame
who lives and teaches in Cambodia. Sammy has her own blog.
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