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Key details

Population: 2,646,487
Capital: Ulaanbaatar
Currency: Mongolian tugrug
Number of international schools: 7
Number of IB schools: 2
Number of current vacancies: 2
Cost of Living

Living in Mongolia

Mongolia is a large landlocked country in Central Asia, sandwiched between Russia and China. Most expats live in the capital, Ulaanbaatar. The culture is an interesting fusion of Soviet and Chinese influences, which can be seen in its cuisine. The official language is Mongolian, which is written using the Cyrillic alphabet; Russian is also widely spoken. The main difficulties to contend with in Mongolia are the extremes of climate; temperatures regularly reach -40°C in winter. Air pollution is also a problem since coal is burnt as fuel; many locals wear face masks during winter.

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Latest teaching jobs in Mongolia
Visas and Medical

Visa requirements vary by nationality; see http://mongoliavisa.com/ for more information. Public healthcare is of a variable standard; expats may wish to have private health insurance and to leave the country for any major treatment.

Latest teaching jobs in Mongolia
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