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Why do I need the Teacher Horizons Leadership Ladder?

As teachers and school leaders, we’re accustomed to working independently. We may view “going it alone” as a sign of strength. But there are times in our careers when we need to take on a challenge that is greater than any we have faced before. Just as climbing a mountain peak is easier (and more enjoyable!) if you have someone to guide and accompany you step-by-step, identifying and reaching a new high point in your career with an experienced coach will not only ease your journey, but give you a greater chance of attaining your goal.

If you are an experienced senior leader, your CV may not reflect current expectations of how this vital document should look, and what it should contain. Every year we review thousands of CVs. We know what schools are looking for, and we can design a fresh, succinct CV for you that delivers the impact you deserve.

You may have been in a leadership role for many years, and fallen out of practice with interview techniques. Alternatively, perhaps you are a teacher or middle leader who has not yet experienced the pressure and demands of a senior leadership selection process, and would like a helping hand to guide you.

If you are trying to secure a senior leadership role for the first time, aiming for a promotion, or seeking a new challenge in leadership, you may be unsure of the best way to approach taking this step. Our experience of school leadership recruitment can help, as we are not only recruitment advisers, but experienced school leaders ourselves.

Mentoring is invaluable for newly appointed leaders, who will benefit from guidance in key decisions. Experienced leaders will value the opportunity to speak with a coach: for example, when faced with a dilemma at school, or a turning point in your career.

Our Leadership Ladder service at Teacher Horizons gives you access to first-rate advice from a team with extensive experience in both school leadership and recruitment.

We offer a ‘one-stop-shop’ service for current and aspiring senior leaders who want individually tailored advice and professional support in key areas:

  • Careers guidance and strategy
  • CV/resume review and design
  • Interview coaching
  • Leadership coaching/mentoring

These areas form a virtuous cycle of activities:

leadership ladder recruitment

Our Leadership Career Strategy Service is an individualized careers guidance and strategy service for current and aspiring leaders. If you would like support in identifying your career goals, and advice on how best to achieve those goals, contact us.

Our CV/Resume Review Service is a one-to-one CV/resume advice and review service, with a further option for writing, editing and design work. If you’re looking for an effective, high-impact CV that is clear and concise, contact us.

Our Interview Service will support you with interview preparation and coaching, including public speaking skills and designing effective presentations for panel interviews (both in-person and online), and other typical steps in leadership selection processes.

Our Mentoring and Coaching Service provides leaders with guidance and support, on an ‘as needed’ basis or as regular sessions.

Want to know more…?

Email tom@teacherhorizons.com to contact our Leadership Ladder team and find out more about our services and fees. We look forward to helping you reach your goals!

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