At Teacher Horizons, we strive to offer an efficient, professional service while maintaining a personal approach.

But don’t just take our word for it! Here’s what some of our partner schools have to say.


Robert Lennox

“We have such confidence in Teacher Horizons that we know all their recommendations are worth considering. It makes our task much easier.”
– Bob Lennox, General Director, The Koc School, Turkey

Timothy Veale

“The speed at which Teacher Horizons has helped me fill posts is extremely fast. They are fast, professional and helpful.”
– Timothy Veale, Head of School, Esbjerg International School, Denmark

Chari Empis

“Teacher Horizons is the best place to get the teachers you need according to set specifications. In our case, as a fully IB-World school running MYP, DP and IBCC the experience has been rewarding under every aspect.”
– Chari Empis, Principal, Oeiras International School, Portugal

Jim Norbury

“It has been a great experience working with Teacher Horizons for their efficiency, excellent communications, high quality candidates and personalised service.”
– Jim Norbury, Head of School, St George’s College, Peru

Iain Davidson

“I was very impressed by the professionalism and personal nature of Teacher Horizons. The visit to our school by two of their representatives was extremely beneficial as it allowed us to clearly outline the type of teacher we were looking for and also help to ensure that they put forward suitable candidates. An excellent all round service.”
– Iain Davidson, Head of School, International School for Primary Education, Romania

George Piacentini

“Fast, efficient, friendly and understanding one’s needs very quickly. They are diligent as they continue to follow up on what needs a school head makes or requires. I must reiterate their personal touch. Other recruitment agencies often play lip-service to this, Teacher Horizons mean it.”
– George Piacentini, Head of School, Bilkent Erbil College, Kurdistan

Martyn Smith

“Teacher Horizons are one of a group of recruiting agencies that we use. Our location is not always attractive to potential candidates but Teacher Horizons have very experienced and knowledgeable staff who work and collaborate closely with us. We as a school want viable candidates and I am pleased to state that Teacher Horizons provide this!”
– Martyn Smith, Headmaster, Cairo English School, Egypt

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