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Career compass

What’s your five year plan?

Where do you want to be in ten years?

When will you be able to afford to retire?!

Teacher Horizons career compass coaching

It’s daunting to look up, step out of your comfort zone and use the stars to navigate.

Many teachers spend their entire career avoiding it…

We have designed our Career Compass to support teachers who want to look forward and plan ahead – so they can maximise their potential as international educators.

Our Goals

To understand your dreams and ambitions

To help you to strategically design your future

To guide you towards your own goals and aspirations

Whether you are a newly qualified teacher, a seasoned professional or an educator who wants to step outside your comfort zone and try something different – Career Compass will be a valuable experience for you. 

Career Compass participants have access to personal support, tools and guidance to enable you to  grow, feel fulfilled and enjoy your international career journey.

We provide a sounding board for you to discuss ideas, and aim to open your eyes to new opportunities and fresh perspectives. We know that international teaching careers open up a world of possibility and we’re here to help you navigate this world

After years of working with teachers and understanding their challenges, Career Compass has grown organically, providing answers to many of the most frequently asked questions.

Career Compass will support with

  • Interview jitters – we provide advice and interview practice to help you showcase the best version of yourself and your experience at an interview.
  • Navigating the unknown – with guidance for newbies who are heading out on their first international journey.
  • Cultural concerns – for teachers going to a completely unfamiliar country. We provide advice on the country’s culture – focusing on etiquette, customs and habits, specifically in a teaching environment.
  • Application anomalies – we’ll guide you all the way through the process from initial TH chat, through CV writing, applications, interviews and contractual advice. 
  • Honesty and integrity – personalised feedback and transparency around your credentials, your possibilities and school selection processes.

But don’t just take it from us – here is some feedback from happy teachers

“Even though I have been teaching internationally for over a decade, I have benefited from my Career Compass session with Katy. During the session, Katy was a patient and helpful advisor who was able to fully answer the questions that I had. Katy’s professionalism extended beyond the meeting as she also sent me follow-up emails with advice and materials that I could read to make myself a stronger candidate for the positions that I am interested in. Overall, I would recommend Career Compass to anyone who needs support from an experienced and compassionate advisor like Katy.”

“This was a chance to talk about me and my desires/needs to someone completely independent, which is very valuable. Katy was warm, funny and easy to talk to. It was a useful experience and hopefully, the ideas we discussed will lead to something positive.”

“It’s always good to talk! I find myself in an interesting situation, with regard to my next career move, and it was very useful to speak to someone with a broader perspective and understanding of the types of schools and opportunities that exist in schools “out there”.”

About me

After graduating with a degree in English Literature, Katy worked initially in the field of knowledge management. A career change took her into English Language teaching, editing and writing which she has been doing ever since, including being placed, as Learning Support, in the ESL/SEN department at an IB school in Portugal.

Katy has worked in Zimbabwe, UK and Portugal and has had strong connections with schools in Zimbabwe where her Dad taught English, and latterly UWC Waterford Kamhlaba in eSwatini (Swaziland) where both her parents taught.  Katy has extensive experience in working with international teachers over the years. She is empathetic and has an intuitive ability to be able to help people, answering questions and guiding them to making decision that are right for them.

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