The Team

Alex Reynolds, CEO

Alex Reynolds, CEO

Alex is CEO and Co-Founder of Teacher Horizons.  Originally a teacher himself, he has worked in education in a range of countries including Japan, Canada, Nepal, Ethiopia, Uganda, Portugal and the US.  He participated in the inaugural cohort of the Teach First programme and taught Geography in London. He then became Director of Studies at an international school in Portugal. He has since set up and scaled a number of successful education ventures in the UK and internationally.
Alex is based in Lisbon and still travels regularly. He spends his free time hiking, surfing badly and running live music events.

Ryan Randall, Director of Technology

Ryan Randall, Director of Technology

Ryan graduated from Durham University in 1996 with a degree in Maths and Computer Science, and has been living in London, designing and building IT systems for the past 25+ years.

Outside of work, Ryan is a keen and strong chess player (English National Master), and is working towards an international title. He also enjoys walking, geocaching, puzzles, quizzes, juggling and comedy.

Maggie Johnstone, Director of Recruitment

Maggie Johnstone, Director of Recruitment

Maggie has 20 years of teaching and recruitment experience in the UK and internationally. After qualifying as a Primary teacher, she trained teachers in Nigeria with Voluntary Services Overseas. She travelled through West Africa and became an expert in finding locations off the beaten track!

She is currently based in the South West with her family and 17 chickens! Meet Maggie and read all about her unique teaching adventures throughout Africa.

Emily Parkman, Director of Operations

Emily Parkman, Director of Operations

Emily graduated from the University of Roehampton in London with a BA in Dance Studies. She is now based in the UK after living in Siem Reap, Cambodia for three years where she set up and ran her own dance school for children from 2 to 7 years old to explore music and movement through the principles of ballet and jazz.

Although Emily isn’t a qualified teacher herself she moved to Siem Reap as a trailing spouse and is keen to help other teachers take the leap to enjoy the benefits it offers them and their partners.

Laura Rigney, Director of School Services

Laura Rigney, Director of School Services

Laura is a Cambridge University graduate and was part of the 2008 Teach First cohort. She taught Maths in London whilst completing an MA in Educational Leadership and then subsequently taught abroad in Cairo, Dublin and Dubai, where she has been based for the last 7 years.

Laura is our Director of School Services and also takes a lead in recruitment for Teacher Horizons’ Maths vacancies.

Laura loves to share new experiences with her husband and 3 young children and has taken the opportunity to travel as much as possible since moving internationally.

Kavi Singh, Community Growth Manager

Kavi Singh, Community Growth Coordinator

Kavi is an Ontario (Canada) certified teacher and University of Toronto graduate. After couple of years in Canada, he embarked on his international teaching journey to Colombia and Czech Republic. Besides teaching, he has worked on various technology and communications projects and he likes to stay up to date with the latest innovations and tech in education.

Kavi enjoys traveling, reading, writing poetry and biking. He is always willing to go on new adventures and start a conversation about life and its intricacies. He will happily indulge you in some homecooked Indian food and Bhangra dancing if you are up for it.

Shaun Walling, Data & Explorer Manager

Shaun Walling, Data Manager

After frequently moving during his childhood, Shaun continues to do so and is now located in Siem Reap, Cambodia. Shaun has gained business experience through working within operations in different industries. Also gaining understanding of education through his partner who is currently an international teacher, as well as youth coaching in rugby and football.

Shaun has a degree in Sports and Exercise Sciences, and has maintained an interest in anything exercise and health related. Shaun also spends a lot of his free time getting stuck into a good sci-fi / fantasy novel or some interesting non-fiction.

Julian Whiteley, Chair of Advisory Board

Julian Whiteley, Chair of Advisory Board

Julian began his career as an engineer in the Royal Navy, subsequently obtaining a teaching qualification from Cambridge University and moving into the education sector. Whilst working in the UK, he also obtained an MBA from Nottingham University.

Julian has more than 20 years’ school leadership experience in the UK, South America, and South East Asia. Most notably, for 9 years he was the CEO and Head of College at United World College of South East Asia in Singapore, one of the world’s most respected and best known international schools, and, with over 5,500 students on two campuses, the largest.

In addition to his extensive experience of leading schools, Julian has been involved in the inspection, accreditation, and governance of schools as well as the recruitment and coaching of senior leaders.

Tiffany Kibblewhite, International Adviser

Tiffany Kibblewhite, International Adviser

Tiffany is responsible for Science and Psychology positions at Teacher Horizons. She is a Bristol Psychology graduate and was part of the 2014 Teach First cohort. Tiffany began teaching both Psychology and Science in Brixton, London, but has since moved back to Bristol where she teaches solely Psychology to a large sixth form. She juggles this part-time teaching with her roles at Teacher Horizons, enabling her to keep up to date with both UK and international teaching.

In the past, Tiffany has lived in Greece to pursue water sports, the French Alps for snowboarding and Siem Reap where she began working for Teacher Horizons.

Caroline Heaton, International Adviser

Caroline Heaton, International Adviser

Caroline has always had a passion for experiencing new places and cultures. She grew up in Kenya, has an MA in Education and International Development, and has subsequently lived and worked in the UK, Canada, Australia, the Middle East and currently, the Netherlands.

In the past, she worked within both the fields of HR/recruitment, and education, in both a teaching and leadership capacity, as well as working in a voluntary capacity for an educational charity focused on supporting sustainable educational development in Sub-Saharan Africa. In her spare time, she enjoys running, travel and photography.

Katy Pugh, International Adviser

Katy Pugh, International Adviser

After graduating with a degree in English Literature, Katy worked initially in the field of knowledge management. A career change took her into English Language teaching, editing and writing which she has been doing ever since, including being placed, as Learning Support, in the ESL/SEN department at an IB school in Portugal.

Katy has worked in Zimbabwe, UK and Portugal and has had strong connections with schools in Zimbabwe where her Dad taught English, and latterly UWC Waterford Kamhlaba in eSwatini (Swaziland) where both her parents taught. Katy loves to travel, learning about new cultures and ways of being.

Joanna de Beer, International Adviser

Joanna de Beer, International Adviser

Originally from the UK, Jo has extensive experience in international education and education development management and her career has taken her to Tanzania, Russia, Brazil and her current location, Papua New Guinea. Jo has taught every year level from Early Years through to Secondary, as well as a range of subjects. She has also enjoyed leadership, consultancy, teacher training and advisory roles, and has found her MSc in International Development Management a valuable asset.

Along with her husband, Jo has designed and built an off-grid and unconventional eco-home for their plot outside of Cape Town. 

Helen Roe, International Adviser

Helen Roe, International Adviser

After graduating from the University of Southampton, Helen quickly ventured overseas to spend some time in France and Australia. It was throughout this time that she realised education was the career path for her. On her return to the UK, she relocated to the South West to pursue a career in Primary Education. Now based in Exeter, Helen combines teaching with her role as an International Adviser and loves how both roles complement one and other.

Outside of work, Helen is an avid runner and cyclist. She has explored many European countries on two wheels.

Daniel Baker, International Adviser

Daniel Baker, International Adviser

Daniel has more than 18 years of teaching and senior leadership experience. He is a graduate of the University of Liverpool and earned his MSc in Educational Leadership from the University of Leicester. Daniel has taught middle school Science and high school Biology both in the UK and overseas. He has also held a number of international school leadership roles and is an experienced recruiter both inside and outside of education.

Daniel is based in south Sweden with his wife and two daughters.

Rachel Knowles, International Adviser

Rachel Knowles, International Adviser

Rachel has enjoyed hugely rewarding teaching experiences across the key stages in the UK state sector and international schools abroad. Her travels as an international school teacher have taken her to Portugal, Vietnam, Mexico and Poland.

After a recent stint in the UK where she worked as a Gypsy, Roma and Traveller Education manager, Rachel moved to Hong Kong with her family where she studies and works as an EAL teacher.

Rachel is revelling in her return to Asia and is loving having the opportunity to rediscover old haunts and experience new adventures with her two young children and partner.

Tom Wilde, International Adviser

Tom Wilde, International Adviser

After graduating from Oxford University in Modern History and English, Tom went into teaching. He now has more than twenty years’ experience in education, spanning the UK, Tanzania, Qatar, Kazakhstan, and Denmark. His experience ranges from teaching in UN refugee camps in the Gaza Strip to headships at two international schools.

Tom lives with his young family, two dogs, and four bicycles, and enjoys hiking and biking in the spectacular mountains near his home.

Emma Thomas, International Adviser

Emma Thomas, International Adviser

Emma has always had a passion for exploring the world. After graduating from the University of Exeter (BSc Mathematics with Economics), Emma ventured to South Korea to teach English as a Foreign Language. In Seoul, she discovered her love for teaching and consequently completed her PGCE (University of Oxford).

She has subsequently taught at fantastic schools in London and Hanoi and has also been involved in educational programmes in India and China. She is currently living the ‘slowmad’ lifestyle and her home base frequently changes. In her spare time, Emma enjoys yoga, hiking and seeking out delicious new foods.

Joe Bailie, International Adviser

Joe initially graduated from Durham University with a BSc in Applied Psychology, but stuck around to complete his PGCE in Primary Education. Now, he is based in the UK, studying for his Educational Psychology doctorate after living in Shanghai, China. In China, Joe worked as a Primary Classroom Teacher for several years before teaching Middle School Mathematics.

Joe equally enjoys the indoors and outdoors. If he’s not running or camping outdoors, then he is likely indoors baking or listening to something true crime related. His baking aspirations are to make it to the Baker’s Tent on the GBBO.

Alison Mitchell, International Adviser

Alison graduated in Psychology from Hull University, continuing her educational journey with a PGCE and later a Masters in International Education and Leadership. Teaching various age groups, she believes in instilling a love of learning foremost. Her career path took her from UK primary classrooms to headteacher of a Senior School in the Netherlands, and now back in class as a psychology lecturer at Webster University. She is also a strengths-based coach.

Based in Amsterdam, Alison combines work with travel, often drawn to the more hilly locations across Europe for extended “workations” (and pet-sitting). She particularly enjoys live music, although quite often still stuck in the 80s and 90s, and believes Barry Manilow is one of the greatest songwriters of our time!

Stephanie Grafe, International Adviser

Originally from Germany, Stephanie is a Third Culture Kid, having lived most of her life in Asia. Having graduated from Royal Holloway University of London (Music with German) and a PGCE and MAEd from Oxford Brookes University, her professional career has encompassed a wide variety of programmes and Secondary School roles including, Head of Year, Head of K-12 Music, Acting Middle School Principal and High School Deputy Principal.

Her professional passions lie with International Recruitment, New Teacher Training and Instructional Coaching. She is an IB Examiner, a CIS Team Evaluator, a Career Coach and in her spare time enjoys attending jazz performances, photography and travelling the world.

Sophie Peters, International Adviser

Sophie has always enjoyed adventurous travel and exploring new places. After graduating with a Masters in History from King’s College, London, she worked in London as a History and Politics teacher. She received her QTS from the Institute of Education and used her summer holidays to travel and train teachers in India and Cambodia, before moving to teach internationally in Hanoi, Vietnam.

She is currently living nomadically and is enjoying slow travel through Europe, Asia and Oceania. When not working, Sophie enjoys reading, running, yoga, caring for dogs and spending time in the mountains.

Ben Henry, International Adviser

After graduating from the University of Winchester, Ben worked for several years as a teacher and Deputy Head where he was actively involved in the recruitment of teachers. He still retains a keen interest in the education sector, and seeing teachers and students flourish. He has a passion for travelling and is keen to help other teachers benefit from the opportunities that stem from travelling, living and teaching abroad.

He now lives in Guernsey, Channel Islands, with his family; in his spare time, Ben also enjoys the outdoors (particularly the beautiful Guernsey beaches), cooking and DIY.

Laura Liguori, International Adviser

Laura has 20 years of teaching and leadership experience in the UK, Southeast Asia, the Middle East, and Europe. She is a qualified Primary teacher with a master’s degree in education. Laura has contributed to the development of international schools and has led initiatives to embed STEM within British and IB schools. Laura is also a founding member of the International Schools Network.

Laura has travelled to over thirty countries, speaks five languages, and she is currently based in Italy. She continues to make contributions to the global education community through publications, webinars, and roundtable discussions.

Mayk Schupfer, Marketing and Data Analyst

Mayk Schupfer, Digital Marketing

Mayk spent his early childhood in Germany and moved to the UK at the age of 10. He graduated from Cardiff University in 2020 with a degree in Philosophy and Economics and since then, he has worked in marketing and data analysis while also volunteering for an international education charity. 

In his free time, Mayk enjoys reading, hiking and photography. He is an avid freediver and a passionate proponent of a chilly winter wild swim.

Camilla Cook, Content Manager

Camilla Cook, International Adviser & Content Manager

Camilla has been working in education for the past seventeen years, teaching English in the UK, El Salvador, Thailand, and Tanzania. After completing the Teach First Programme she helped to set up The Literacy Pirates, an education charity. As their first Director of Learning, she was responsible for planning, leading, and evaluating the learning programmes. She has led the Language and Literature teams in two international schools, and is now living in Brighton with her husband and two children.

Nicole Wait, Ambassador Network Manager

Nicole studied languages at the University of Exeter and has since lived in Europe, Africa, South East Asia, the Middle East and Central America. She loves learning about cultures and celebrating the diversity of life here on Earth. For 10 years, she taught in primary schools in the UK and internationally, progressing to principal and opening a holistic bilingual school in Panama. She now leads our Ambassador Network, creating new ways for our ambassadors to contribute, connect and grow both professionally and personally. 

She recently settled in Snowdonia, north Wales, where she is studying environmental management to equip local businesses to become more sustainable. She also works as a freelance proofreader and copywriter, as well as a yoga and Zumba instructor. She loves vegan food, adventuring and reading. She is aware she may have too many passions! 

Veasna Meas, Office Manager

Veasna is a passionate graduate from Jay Pritzker Academy and an honors BA graduate majoring in TESOL at PUC, Siem Reap. Veasna has been eagerly on the lookout for Master’s degree scholarship opportunities, determined to continue her dream and dedication to education. She believes education is the main key to unlocking any issues for solutions needed to make a better place for the young generation, and she hopes to contribute to this change.

Veasna loves cooking, swimming, and dancing – in fact, she used to be an Apsara dancer for 8 years. She also enjoys traveling and doing volunteer work.

Laurence Dobson, Operations Support

Laurence Dobson, Operations Assistant

Over the last 4 years, Laurence has been living in Siem Reap, Cambodia and has previously taught at an international school. His partner is a qualified international school teacher, which along with his own experiences, has given him a broad understanding of living and working internationally.

Laurence has a strong passion for football and on his 14th birthday he had a trial for Chelsea FC, and for anyone, this is a very big achievement! He also enjoys a variety of different genres of music and has regularly made the trip back to England to attend Glastonbury music festival.

Veasna Noeun, Operations Support

Veasna Noeun, Data Administrator

Veasna is a fourth-year undergraduate student who lives in Siem Reap, Cambodia. He is a graduate of Jay Pritzker Academy and currently majoring in Tourism and hospitality at Pannasastra University of Cambodia.

Besides work and college, he likes taking online coding courses such as JavaScript and React JS on Codecademy. He is really into web development and spends his weekends practising simple website building. In his free time, he likes watching documentaries about nature and society.

Oudom Vann, Operations Support

Oudom Vann, Data Administrator

Oudom is a holder of a bachelor’s degree in TESOL, which he obtained due to his strong belief that teaching is a highly rewarding profession. He resides in Siem Reap, Cambodia, and is passionate about enhancing the quality of education in his province. Oudom is confident that he can contribute to the efforts aimed at bringing about this change. Additionally, he has a bachelor’s degree in IT from BBU, Cambodia, and is a technology enthusiast. Oudom is fascinated by astronomy and finds comfort in stargazing. He is an avid runner and enjoys exploring his surroundings with friends during his free time.

Theara Gnean, Operations Support

Theara Gnean, Data Administrator

Theara just recently graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in International Relations from Pannasastra University of Cambodia. She dreams of continuing a Master’s degree but as of now, she wants to take some time to explore around. She has travelled to a few countries in Asia and lived in Florence, Italy for a short time.

Having worked with Teacher Horizons for almost one year and a half, Theara has been passionate about teaching. Currently, she’s doing TEFL aiming to teach part-time in the near future. In her free time, she enjoys reading self-development books and watching documentaries.

Suphearum Loem, Operations Support

Suphearum Loem, Data Administrator

Suphearum attended the University of South-East Asia in Siem Reap, Cambodia and completed a Bachelor’s degree in TEFL. After graduating, he worked in an international school in an administrative role. He is now one of Teacher Horizons’ Data Administrators and believes that “Education is the most powerful tool when it comes to changing the world”. That is the reason he never stops learning new things.

Suphearum’s top 3 favourite topics are Technology, Ancient History, and Nature. Being a technology enthusiast, he spent 2 years on an Electronics Engineering course. In his leisure time, he enjoys playing soccer the most. He also loves to watch movies.

Elias Scharf, Operations Support

Elias is from rural Alberta, Canada spending his childhood growing up in a small community, eventually taking off to a Vocational School in Toronto. He learned about identity, the strength of character and self-awareness leading him down a road of discovery and finding an intentional, purpose-filled career. This led him to Siem Reap Cambodia where he first started his teaching career, gaining his TEFL certificate and an ESL teaching job in a local school. Here Elias discovered his passion for teaching and learning more about the global community. Elias is passionate about identity and community, and in his free time, he loves to play music, ultimate frisbee, video games and has a newly discovered passion for travel.

Kimsreng Lay, Operations Support

Kimsreng completed a degree in Computational Mathematics with a minor in Computer Science from Wabash College, IN, USA, and it was through his studies that he discovered his passion for the potential technology can play in creating access to education. Through his brief yet impactful role as an interpreter at the HALO Trust, he gained a profound understanding of the enduring challenges faced by the people of Cambodia.

In moments of respite, delving into manga and anime offers a welcomed escape for Kimsreng. However, it’s the world of technology that truly captivates him, propelling his ambition to construct his own PC when the opportunity arises.

Tith Hoy (Seyha), Operations Support

Seyha is from West Siem Reap, Cambodia. He holds a degree in General Management from Build Bright University and has also completed a one-year course in tourism skills at École Paul Dubrule School. He worked for an Australian luxury travel company for four years and is keen on expanding his knowledge of social media platforms. In his free time, Seyha enjoys playing volleyball with friends.

Oukdom Doeum, Operations Support

Oukdom has graduated with his bachelor’s degree from Pannasastra University of Cambodia, Siem Reap (PUC), majoring in TESOL. With his experience working with NGOs and the private sector, and being the only child in his family able to pursue higher education, he feels privileged to witness the power and impact of education, which can unlock potential and change lives.

He is a pet lover, especially of dogs. In his free time, he enjoys spending time with his family and his dog (Billy), gardening, listening to music, exercising, watching football and movies, travelling, and participating in community work and social activities.

Asma Saiyad, Business Analyst

Asma Saiyad, Business Analyst

Asma completed her Bachelors’ of Engineering in Information Technology from Gujarat Technological university in 2014 and since then she has been working as a Technical Business Analyst for varying businesses that specialise in areas such as logistics, software development and real-estate.

Asma has recently grown a keen interest in lawn tennis and is working towards becoming a pro in the game. During her free time, she enjoys binge watching mystery films, baking, and cooking.

Muhammad Awais Nawaz, Software Developer

Muhammad Awais Nawaz, Software Developer

Muhammad Awais is Master graduate of National University of Science and Technology Pakistan. He has experience in web development for 5 years, where he worked for London School and Science Technology, Memberme, Software Technology and joined Teacher Horizons in November 2019. Furthermore, he was a junior computer science lecturer in University of Gujrat and University of Lahore.

He loves to travel and explore the world and has a dream to visit every country. Mountains are his oxygen and nature heals him. He feels happy while helping others most needy. He loves his parents very much and all his achievements are for them.

Jon Peppinck, Web Developer

Jon Peppinck, Web Developer

After completing a civil engineering degree, Jon decided to travel abroad to experience the world. He found himself in Thailand working as a mathematics teacher for a year. This sparked Jon’s interest in furthering his education in mathematics and technology, receiving a graduate diploma in science. He has since been very interested in software development with a focus on web development.

Jon is due to complete his research masters from the Queensland University of Technology late 2020. His research involves creating virtual reality annotation software and merging it with statistical modelling and citizen science to improve conservational insights.

Alexis Toye, Co-Founder and Strategy Adviser

Alexis Toye, Co-Founder and Strategy Adviser

Alexis is Co-Founder of Teacher Horizons. He has recently returned to international education after working as a Lead Recruitment Adviser since Teacher Horizons began. He was born in Turkey and went to an international School himself – St. Andrew’s School in Argentina. He studied International Studies with Economics at University in the UK. Being interested in both travel and education, choosing a career in international education was an easy one. He has worked on education projects in Nepal and Nigeria before teaching Maths in London through Teach First. He then become IB Coordinator at an international school in Portugal.

Alexis is currently based in Portugal but is often on the road. He regularly plays football and tennis and thinks he is a half decent chef!

John Regan, Schools Adviser

John Regan, Schools Adviser

John has been Headmaster of prestigious schools in Portugal, Egypt, and the UK and after thirty years of recruitment experience, he joined Teacher Horizons with a shared vision of the need to improve recruitment across the international school sector. John graduated as a teacher at Leeds University and later gained his MEd.

John is passionate about sport, having represented his country in three sports, as well as running two marathons. He is based in Spain and the UK and enjoys reading and travel.

Otto Villarin, Technology Adviser

Otto Villarin, Technology Adviser

Otto was born and raised in Cuba until he won a scholarship to study overseas. He moved to the UK  a decade ago where he has developed websites for a range of large corporations and start-ups.

Otto is a highly skilled IT professional with over 12 years’ experience with clients ranging from HSBC to the All England Lawn Tennis club. He developed much of his strong skill set through practical application of cutting edge technologies in the development of complex bespoke software applications.

Eldon Pascoe, Strategy Adviser

Eldon Pascoe, Strategy Adviser

Eldon is the former head of a leading international school, a recognised authority in Gifted and Talented education and a respected professional learning provider. He has a Bachelors degree in Education and a Master in Education (Gifted Education) both from Flinders University in Australia. He has worked around the world including in Russia, Romania, the UK, Peru, Ecuador, Singapore and Australia.

Eldon enjoys the arts, travel and the outdoors.  He has acted in or directed numerous drama productions in a range of countries.  Eldon is an active participant in walking tours of the places he lives and visits.

Kerry Tyler-Pascoe, Strategy Adviser

Kerry Tyler-Pascoe, Strategy Adviser

Kerry is a former Headteacher and leader in a number of leading international schools as well as being an educational consultant, motivational speaker and entrepreneur who has more than twenty years  experience in Australia, the United Kingdom, Europe, Asia and South America.

She is extensively experienced in operational management, effective recruitment and retention strategies, capability building solutions, stakeholder management, strategic development, expansion strategies, and effective people engagement.

Kerry obtained her undergraduate degree in Education from the University of South Australia.  She has been an invited speaker at a range of international and national conferences on varied topics including effective and ethical leadership, and developing the capabilities of team members to perform at their best.




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