Equity policy and diversity statement

Teacher Horizons is committed to challenging all forms of discrimination. Our vision has always been to build an international community of educators and offer a free, transparent, platform to enable all teachers to make more informed decisions about the schools they apply to.

We regularly review our processes and take steps to identify and eliminate bias. This is especially true of the language we use, particularly with regards to the way we advertise vacancies.

Committed to equity and diversity, our initiatives include:

  • Creating a focus group of teachers, headteachers and advisers to discuss and identify areas within the sector that can be improved and how we can most effectively advocate for change.
  • Ensuring transparency at all stages of the recruitment process between the hiring schools and the candidate teachers.
  • Creating a collaborative community experience by building a safe environment for teachers to feel personally supported by advisers that they trust.

We understand that we do not have all the answers but are committed to challenging attitudes and bias – both internally and also for the organisations that we work with.

Last updated 10 February 2021

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