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Posted , by Camilla Cook

Most countries have a national standard that educators must meet before they can teach in state-run schools. Qualified Teacher Status (QTS) is the standard for teachers in England. Increasingly, we are seeing that international schools are requiring that teachers have QTS before they can employ them. While there are various routes educators can take to… Read more »

Posted , by Jess Gosling

In Reception, for the past two years, we have continually developed our ideas around provision, interactions and resourcing. Upon entering the unit, I recognised that the children had a good level of involvement in their tasks, which has increased over time.  The secret that has enabled the children to move toward high levels of involvement… Read more »

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Posted , by Michael Dunn

Michael Dunn is the creator of, the world’s biggest site for TOK, and, offering a ‘4C’ course for non-IB schools, from 1st May. Falling into international teaching I never intended to live abroad, or become an international teacher. Actually, It’s a career path that few people seem to plan: most of my colleagues… Read more »

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