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Posted , by Zoubiya Ahmed

Choosing your first or next international teaching role during a global pandemic is gutsy and needs careful planning. With so much uncertainty it’s only natural to start your search by applying to international teaching destinations with higher salaries to maximise your savings potential. But does a high salary always lead to high savings?  Let’s take… Read more »

Posted , by William Melhado

Andrew Hallam is a former international school teacher at Singapore American School, where he taught English and personal finance to secondary students, providing them with the tools to become academically and financially successful.  Encouraged by his success, Hallam now works as a personal finance journalist, speaker, and international best-selling author of Millionaire Teacher and Millionaire… Read more »

Posted , by Alexandra Plummer

It’s coming to the end of the year, a time for reflection. Even though it is still the midst of school year for some, it might be time to consider your next contract teaching overseas.  Looking to boost your salary in 2020?  We have you covered with up-to-date information on international teacher salaries and other… Read more »

Posted , by Alexandra Plummer

Discussing salaries can sometimes be a bit of a taboo subject, but the conversation is necessary—especially when making a decision that takes you across the globe and into nerve-wracking new terrain. Knowing that you are adequately supported is a priority. Salary and remuneration topics for teachers are also a bit challenging as they vary so… Read more »

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