Gaining extra income during Covid-19: advice from an accredited coach


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Has the Covid-19 situation left you a little struck for cash? Or has it prompted you to reflect on your career? Covid has bought about change for everyone and many of us left in a time of transition. Transitions can be tough, but luckily we have our accredited coach, Eldon here to support you in finding some direction for either changing course or getting a a bit of extra income in this challenging time. Eldon positively points out that as an international school teacher you have a wealth of transferable skills at your fingertips.

What are the transferable skills of International teachers? 

Eldon, former head of a leading international school, coach and motivational speaker shares his wisdom and helps us ask the right questions, to guide teachers in transition to better form where their next steps could take them. We are grateful for Eldon’s insight and positivity in a time that can be quite fear inducing. Read on for his sage advice:

“Have you ever thought about the amazing range of skills you gain being an international school teacher? Coming straight to your mind you will be thinking: adaptability, flexibility, coping with change and unexpected experiences. Did I tell you about the time we were deported from one country (with three small kids in tow) or the time we were paid in counterfeit USDs? Interesting stories but for another time! This life of an international school teacher is never dull!

Your teaching skills could earn you extra money. 

“You could even supplement your teaching income or even replace it. Wouldn’t that be something worth thinking about? Who would have ever predicted COVID-19 and the incredible repercussions that this has had across the international school world. Well let me share with you a positive outcome from all of this:

How to see opportunities over obstacles

I am currently working with one international school that has been sadly affected by the challenges of our current situation. They are in the unfortunate position of having some fabulous teachers but not enough kids, so less classes needed, hence less teachers needed. The sad thing of course is no-one saw this coming and so no contingency planning could have helped. So what to do? How can we help these teachers through a period of change and uncertainty?

I am working with some temporarily displaced teachers helping them see opportunities when mostly they can only see obstacles. What can your teaching skills and experience do to help you find work or extra income in the short term? Some ideas that might be swimming through your mind are coaching, training, consulting or setting up your own business. This is to name but a few of the many options you as an international school teacher could explore. The good thing is that any of these things could be added to any teacher’s life bringing in potential extra income and opportunities at any time. So let’s explore these in a little more detail.


International school teachers coaching in transitions.

4 ways to find extra income as an International school teacher during Covid-19. 

1. Coaching as an International school teacher

It takes many forms but in its essence coaching is simply a form of development in which an experienced person, called a coach, who supports a learner or client in achieving a specific personal or professional goal by providing training and guidance. Could you do that? Of course you could! Think about the wide range of strategies and skills you currently use in the classroom. Questioning, building trusted relationships, problem solving and solution finding, goal setting, reflection and analysis—the list goes on. All these skills are transferable and work super well in the coaching space. 

2. Training as an International school teacher

You have become an expert in many areas – your curriculum specialization, with a particular age group or even delivering an inspiring approach to teaching. I’ll give you an example -I have a Masters in Gifted and Talented Education. I have worked for years in the field, designing curriculum to challenge and extend learners and even short training programs for teachers on Higher Order Thinking Skills, Critical and Creative Thinking and the like. Teachers in other international schools would love to learn how to work with these kids. Teachers in other international schools would love to know what you know. They’d love to learn from you about how they could bring these special skills into their own classroom. So what’s stopping you? What are you very good at? Could you write and share a training program on that? Of course you could!

3. Consulting as an International school teacher

Many international schools develop innovative programs for their students. Future Problem Solving, Environmental Projects, Art Exhibitions and there are loads more. What have you helped your own school develop? Has it been a winner? Others schools and other international teachers would like to learn from you. Developing a consultancy model where you guide others through the tried and tested process you helped develop can be a very rewarding place to go. What do you know? What IP have you helped develop? How could you help other schools replicate the amazing work you are already doing? Could you see yourself as a consultant? 

4. Setting up a business an International school teacher

Haven’t we all dreamed of this? Being our own boss and following a passion project? Doing something we have always dreamed of doing? Well now you can! Think about it, we all have special skills or interests that others would be keen to buy from us. What’s your passion? Do you love making jewelry? Do you have a special skill for writing a CV? How about team building games? Or teaching drama or singing or public speaking or anything! What’s your passion?  It’s actually easier than you think. What could you do for you?

There is no doubt that we all love the lifestyle that international teaching gives us. Wouldn’t it be awesome if you had an added insurance policy of sorts to bring in additional income for when you needed it or for even when you didn’t but wanted to plan for your future? Take the time to dream! Teaching reaches far beyond the classroom!” 

Advice by Eldon Pascoe.

Thank you Eldon, for taking the time to shift some mindsets and get us on the track to think about opportunities this time can bring for international school teachers!



Eldon coaching International school teachers

Eldon’s Bio

Eldon is the former head of a leading international school, an accredited coach, a motivational speaker and respected professional learning provider. He has a Bachelor in Education and a Master of Education. His work in international educational organizations has taken him around the world. Eldon has a breadth of experience in facilitating cutting edge learning and coaching programs. He is a strong advocate for improvement in educational service provision and has led change and development in Europe, Asia, South America and the United Kingdom. Eldon’s commitment to improving teaching and learning outcomes has come from his extensive work in developing cultures of excellence in international education.




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