We’ve all been there – after the initial excitement, your job slowly starts to lose its sparkle. Maybe it stops challenging you, or doesn’t quite deliver the career development that you wanted. But the longer you stay somewhere, the more you tend to forget that there’s a whole world of opportunity out there. If you’re experiencing one or more of the following signs, it might be high time to freshen up your CV and start searching for a new adventure.

1. You’re jaded.

Maybe you’re living in a fantastic, beautiful tropical location that’s the envy of your desk-bound friends at home, but it’s just started to feel a little samey. You no longer notice the things that made it all so new and exciting, and instead you’re pining for all the things that this place doesn’t have. The solution? Change it up.

Get me out of here!

Get me out of here!

2. It’s not challenging any more.

Maybe you’ve taken up all the career development that this job can offer you, and trying to push for more would be fruitless. If you’ve been hanging around waiting for a new challenge that just isn’t materializing, it could be time to look elsewhere.

3. Little things are annoying you.

Every job has its irritances, but if the mere sound of your deskmate slurping his coffee in the morning makes you livid with rage, it’s a sign you should think about moving on.

4. You’ve forgotten why you ever started teaching.

Remember when you entered the profession because you wanted to inspire young people and help make the world a better place? Sometimes we get so caught up in the day-to-day that we forget our greater goals. If your ideals have been buried under paperwork and cynicism, it’s time to take a breather.

5. There’s a bad atmosphere.

In the ideal world, you’d be surrounded by positive people who do nothing but support and encourage you. However, we’ve all been in that staffroom where there’s a permanent damper on the atmosphere. If your co-teachers do nothing but whinge and gripe, if it’s overly competitive or if the management are not renowned for their fairness, it’s wise to move on before you become jaded.

6. You’re stuck in a rut.

Many teachers get into international school teaching as a way to break the daily grind of teaching in our own countries. Moving abroad is seen as a way of breaking that cycle and escaping the rat race; however once you get there, it can be easy to settle into another routine. If you’re always going to the same few places with the same few people, it will eventually become boring.

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Written by Sammy Tame
who lives and teaches in Cambodia. Sammy has her own blog.
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