kyle-glenn-598701-unsplashIt is a fascinating time for international education, as we engage more diversity and build truly global citizens in an increasingly connected and moving world. International teaching is an exciting prospect for blending a respected career alongside a global lifestyle.

Is it really a great time to take to international teaching? We think so, and here is why!

1. Live a global life

International teaching offers a number of opportunities to build a truly global lifestyle. Schools are more focused on what it really means to be a global citizen and you can be a the front and centre of enabling students to learn what this means to them, shaping a future of diverse and curious minds.

These days, most cities in almost every country have an international school, this number continues to grow. You have a lot of choice in a lot of places. You get to experience working abroad with teachers from around the world and teaching a truly international curriculum to pupils from a diverse range of countries.

2. Gain experience in renowned curricula like the International Baccalaureate.

IB is a fantastic prospect to enter into. We have written about IB in some of our past posts and it is certainly not without its challenges but it is a great track to be trained in and provides opportunities all around the world as schools continue to value it as a sought after curriculum.

International schools offer teachers generous training and professional development budgets, so they are great places to grow as a teacher in the area that interests you.

3. Embrace the new face of work

The way we think about work is changing. People are on the move. Entrepreneurship, freelancing and remote work are becoming commonplace. As an international teacher, you get to be at the centre of what this means for the next generation while having the security of a paid salary. You get to experience new cultures and share experiences with others from all over the world doing the same. Living abroad more often than not gives us a comfortable way of life. We don’t have to skimp and save in quite the same ways, and even if the monetary return doesn’t seem as great as “back home”, the lifestyle perks often exceed it.

4. Stay connected to loved ones

It has never been easier to travel than it is right now. There are cheap flights available from multiple airlines going all over the world, meaning not only adventure at your fingertips but also the ability to connect with loved ones more easily. No doubt your friends and family will be lined up to book the next flight to your new, exciting destination.

The technology, of course, plays a massive part in how we can stay connected now with Facetime, WhatsApp, Facebook, Skype etc used by almost everyone.

5. Gain new experiences

Moving abroad can be an extremely liberating experience. It’s exciting finding a new house, exploring the local market, making new friends, practising a new language and getting a much deeper insight into a new culture and way of life. And it is easier than before. There are so many resources and support for moving, like Expat Pages and teacher forums that you can start a new life without feeling isolated.

6. Value on return

If you do decide to return home and continue your career there, your time abroad will be valued highly.   Most schools appreciate the value of teachers who have gained experience abroad. Many schools are introducing curricula such as the International Baccalaureate themselves, making teachers with international experience an ever more sought after resource.

7. Adventure

If you’ve lived abroad before, you will appreciate how it offers a far greater insight into a country than a holiday or backpacking can. Living abroad also offers fantastic travel opportunities. Weekends can be spent exploring coastlines or mountain villages whilst long school holidays free you up to get to know an entirely new continent!

8. An easy process

Last but not least, it has never been so easy to get the process of finding a job started. At Teacher Horizons we offer much more detail to help you find the right school for you. Best of all, it’s completely FREE for teachers. Find out more about us here. 

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