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Teacherhorizons Explorer service: FAQ for teachers

Are you tired of sending endless application forms to international schools? Would you like good schools to contact you about suitable opportunities instead? Our new Explorer service is designed to enable exactly this – schools can connect directly with candidates they are interested in. We launched this service in October 2017 and twenty international schools signed… Read more »

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Teaching Abroad

Expanding opportunities to work at international schools: prepare yourself to teach abroad! Who wouldn’t like a life of world travel, acquiring new languages and learning firsthand about new cultures? Many teachers find the opportunity of working at an international school too hard to pass up! Over the past 14 years, there has been a 35%… Read more »

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Why Join Teacherhorizons?

Are you looking for a great international teaching position? The number of overseas teaching opportunities grows year-on-year but schools can vary enormously.  So how do you find the right position for you? Here are ten ways Teacherhorizons will help… 1/ Access the best opportunities worldwide Every year we list thousands of teaching opportunities all over… Read more »

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