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Posted , by Jess Gosling

In Reception, for the past two years, we have continually developed our ideas around provision, interactions and resourcing. Upon entering the unit, I recognised that the children had a good level of involvement in their tasks, which has increased over time.  The secret that has enabled the children to move toward high levels of involvement… Read more »

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Posted , by Rachel Knowles

‘The social and emotional well-being of students is a measure of how truly focused a school is on its students. This is equally, if not more important, in international schools as mental health needs transcend countries, cultures and religions.’ Rana Cheatwood, British International School of Jakarta Teacher Horizons is proud to work with hundreds of… Read more »

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Posted , by Helen Roe

The future of every community lies in capturing the passion of its people. At Teacher Horizons, community is at our core. Our mission is to build a collaborative community to enable international teachers and schools to explore opportunities, make connections and share their experiences. We are always exploring ways in which we can grow our… Read more »

Posted , by William Melhado

A great experiment in education has taken place over the past 14 months: A complete shift in the way educators and students interact and in how schools are structured, has forced the world to reflect on the value of teachers and the functions of schools in society. The unprecedented experiment—which hopefully won’t repeat itself—enabled educators… Read more »

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