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Posted , by William Melhado

As a teacher and school leader, Karen Ardley began her career as an expert in assessing and improving school standards. Passionate about creating real change within the educational leadership sector, Karen now delivers transformative, professional development courses for teachers all over the world through her leadership consultancy group Karen Ardley Associates. From her advisory projects… Read more »

Posted , by Andrew Macdonald-Brown

‘Andrew Macdonald-Brown has had a 30 year career in education working in the UK, Middle East and in China.  As a senior leader, and most recently as a Principal, he has developed a strong belief in the importance of professional learning for those in education.   Having facilitated on a number of leadership development programmes, and… Read more »

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Posted , by Alex Reynolds

“Entrepreneurship can and will be the liberating force for Africa’s economy”

“All our future leaders will need to take human-centred approaches to resolving the challenges we face”

“No, success does not knock on doors. Talks don’t lead to great achievement. Only actions count”

Where are these quotations taken from? Mandela’s autobiography? The Dalai Lama? The FT?

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