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Posted , by Alexandra Plummer

Continuing our new series of Ask the Expert posts, we chat with the Teacher Horizons team who share their valuable insight into the world of international teaching. Teacher Horizons staff are teachers themselves, so they’ve been in your shoes.  This week I chatted with Jo, a Teacher Horizons Recruitment Adviser with a penchant for simple-living,… Read more »

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Posted , by Shannon Howlett

If I asked you to use one word, how would you define yourself to others? Are you a Canadian, an American, a Maritimer or a Californian?

Perhaps you’re of First Nations heritage and you recognise your tribe as being the group that you most associate with your identity. Maybe your first response would be Catholic, Muslim or Rastafarian. Or maybe your response would be brother, wife or husband of…

Now more than ever, I see myself as a citizen of this amazing planet and seem to have abandoned my preoccupations with identity.

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Posted , by Jodie Bamforth

“It is good to have an end to journey toward; but it is the journey that matters, in the end.” (Ernest Hemingway)

I’ve always been bad at making decisions. What do I want for tea? What shall we watch at the cinema? Which subjects should I take at college?

So when my boyfriend and I were offered a job in the Seychelles I was in a panic.

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