Do you believe in the power of education to inspire positive change? Did you become a teacher to instil in your students an appreciation and sense of responsibility towards the environment? If so, then you’re reading the right blog! In this post, we’re shining the green spotlight on the Foundation for Environmental Education and our upcoming Global Action Days

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What is the Foundation for Environmental Education (FEE)?

The Foundation for Environmental Education is a global non-profit organisation dedicated to promoting sustainable development and environmental education. Since 1981, FEE has been empowering communities worldwide to take action towards a more sustainable future. With over 100 member organisations in 81 countries, FEE has been prioritising climate action across all five of our global programmes to address the urgent threats of climate change, biodiversity loss and environmental pollution. Our educational programmes include Eco-Schools, Learning About Ecosystems and Forests and Young Reporters for the Environment, all placing young people at the heart of environmental leadership through solution-based learning. Their Green Key and Blue Flag programmes are also globally recognised for promoting sustainable business practices and the protection of natural resources.

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What are FEE’s Global Action Days 2024?

FEE’s Global Action Days are an annual campaign that brings together individuals, schools, and organisations from around the world to participate in environmental tasks demonstrating how individual actions – no matter how small they seem – can greatly impact our own and our Earth’s well-being. This year the Global Action Days will take place between Monday 22nd April and Friday 3rd May with our focus being ‘LET’S GET CLIMATE READY!’

Why should your students get involved?

By participating in FEE’s Global Action Days, you can empower your students, enhance learning experiences, foster global citizenship, and lead by example. You’ll find environmental tasks designed to be carried out as and when they suit your curriculum plans. Through tasks linked to bioeconomy, food security, circular economy, extreme weather and ecosystem restoration, your students will gain a sense of agency and recognise their role as global citizens- who can and will make a difference! 

Global Action Days sign-up

How can your school get involved in the Global Action Days?

1. Register: Visit FEE’s Global Action Days website to register your school (friends and family are welcome too!) for the Global Action Days. Registration is free:

2. Download the Global Action Days resources: Our resources are available in multiple languages. Start planning with your students how and when you would like to carry out the five Global Action Day tasks, each designed to be adapted to suit the age and learning needs of your students and can be carried out in any order to fit your school curriculum. With a weekend break during the campaign, you can even set one of the tasks as ‘home learning’ for students’ families to get involved. 

3. Take Action: Between 22nd April and 3rd May, it’s time to participate! Remember to share and celebrate the completion your Global Action Days tasks by posting images and comments on social media using the hashtags #MyActionsMatter #GlobalActionDays, #GreeningEducation, and #GenerationRestoration. You can find us on LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube and X.  

We’re thrilled to be partnering with Teacher Horizons to share educational resources, training and events about global environmental issues. Keep an eye out for our future posts as we dive into our programmes and how you can boost your skills and knowledge to advocate for environmental education wherever in the world you are. Together, we can harness the potential of our Teacher Horizons community to build a sustainable tomorrow for our students, one classroom at a time. Register to take part in the FEE Global Actions Days, today and let’s make a collective impact!

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Written by Lee Wray-Davies
Currently the Global Director of Education at the Foundation of Environmental Education, Lee Wray-Davies is a recognised expert with a successful 25-year track record in the field of environmental education and sustainable development. With a diverse and extensive background, Lee has made significant contributions to the promotion of green education policy and youth engagement strategy in environmental programmes and campaigns at national and global levels. Fun(ish) Fact: Lee wrote the content for the UK environmental children’s TV show ‘Go Green With the Grimwades’, which for series two moved Paw Patrol from the prime early morning TV slot and was also nominated for two children’s TV awards!
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