Last Minute Placements

The new school year is around the corner. Whether it’s only fairly recently that you’ve begun to think about a career change or it’s been on the cards for ages, there’s still time to find some amazing teaching opportunities abroad – starting now!

With these last minute placements it’s essential that you get in touch with our team ASAP and be led through the application and placement process in a speedy and professional manner. Please also be advised that you need to be an endorsed teacher to see the full details of all listed vacancies. Each page provides a link to get endorsed. 

Image © Anna Bella Betts

The Teacherhorizons team in Cambodia

International School of Havana

Cuba! Do we need to say more???

The British School of Brasilia

This school is a part of the British Schools Foundation, a wider group of international schools. It’s the perfect place for your career and professional development. And if living your life to the max is your thing, you could arrive in time to celebrate the Olympics!

International School in Genoa

An amazing opportunity to be living near the sea in this beautiful European destination. Culture, pizza, pasta, wine…!

Vienna International School

This school has top reputation and Vienna? Simply stunning, in the heart of Europe, well connected. Tempting, isn’t it?

CfBT Education Services in Brunei

Placement here offers numerous opportunities; not all teaching – some as trainers too.  Brunei is a quiet location, good for young families and overall offering good packages too. Eternal summer and jungles – anyone?

As you can see, there’s quite the spread of goodness all across our beautiful planet. If you haven’t yet done so, become an endorsed teacher to see full details of all listed vacancies. We’re already excited on your behalf and can’t wait to help you with your new placement. Get in touch and the rest is easy!


Written by Anna Bella Betts, Teacherhorizons blog manager by night and photographer by day.