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Top Tips for Impactful Service & Study Trip for Schools

Child Safe

As we enter 2016, Wild Asia is excited to begin reflecting on its 10-year journey of identifying leaders responsible for tourism. For the past decade the Malaysian based sustainability experts have been engaging travel and tourism businesses from all corners of Asia, benchmarking them against global standards, and providing an international platform to share best… Read more »

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Getting involved – how schools can help their local community

If you currently teach in an international school there is a good chance you’ll love your life. International school teaching offers unparalleled opportunities for professional and personal development in a supportive environment and new culture. However, there may be something missing: the feeling that you are making a difference. There is a reasonable probability that… Read more »

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Siem Reap’s Giant Puppet Parade 2015


The Giant Puppet Project is a children’s community arts project that was established in Siem Reap, Cambodia, in 2007. The project culminates in a yearly parade, where elaborate puppets representing educational themes are paraded through the streets. Because our Asian office is based in Siem Reap, Teacherhorizons took the opportunity to get involved with the 2015 incarnation… Read more »

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Why Teacherhorizons donate 10% of profits to charity


We strongly believe that ‘internationalising teaching’ isn’t about just working with privileged private international schools. Our vision has always been to work with a range of institutions that benefit from overseas teachers where teachers can learn and develop professionally in an international context. These organisations might be charity projects, local schools, social enterprises too – places where teachers can learn new transferable skills.

We support organisations like this in two ways. First, we offer free advertising on our website. Secondly we have committed to giving 10% of our profits to education charities in Cambodia – where our Asia office is based.

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Join the Education Countdown Campaign to get every child in school by 2015

Education countdown campaign

In 2000, world leaders made a promise that every child worldwide would be in school and learning by end 2015. But with 466 days left before the deadline, 58 million children are still out of school.

The Education Countdown campaign, officially launched last month and led by A World at School co-founded by Sarah Brown, is targeting key barriers to universal education by bringing together top campaigners, youth, business, faith and political leaders.

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Who are you? – Identity and my experience in Tanzania

Maasai women in Tanzania

If I asked you to use one word, how would you define yourself to others? Are you a Canadian, an American, a Maritimer or a Californian?

Perhaps you’re of First Nations heritage and you recognise your tribe as being the group that you most associate with your identity. Maybe your first response would be Catholic, Muslim or Rastafarian. Or maybe your response would be brother, wife or husband of…

Now more than ever, I see myself as a citizen of this amazing planet and seem to have abandoned my preoccupations with identity.

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