We are delighted to report on the success of our unique Explorer service. It enables schools to recruit directly from our database. We have developed this tool at the request of over fifty schools, who are looking to save time and money by recruiting directly.
With Explorer, schools can search and filter candidates, access their profiles and CVs, confidential references, supporting documents and contact details. There are no up-front costs and you only pay £995 when you hire a candidate you are happy with.

What is Teacher Horizons Explorer?

We have developed a search engine to enable schools to search and filter teachers from our database of candidates. It is free to use and accessible to any school that signs up for our Explorer service. It allows schools to search and filter candidates on many levels, access candidates’ profiles, CVs and confidential references. It puts the school in charge of contacting candidates, screening them and shortlisting them.

What are the pros and cons?

There are numerous advantages but the main one is that it will save your school a lot of time and money on recruitment. It also gives you direct access to thousands of live candidates currently looking to move schools. It is simple and quick to tailor your search and drill down to find the candidate/s you are looking for. This removes the need to spend lots time at expensive recruitment fairs. If you wish to meet face-to-face, you can pre-arrange your own meetings with interested candidates at a time (and location) that works for you.

The disadvantage, if you are used to using recruitment agencies, you (or your HR team) are responsible for your own screening, interviewing, reference checks and background checks.

How much does it cost?

There are no up-front fees for using Explorer – you only pay if you hire a candidate you are happy with. Our fee for hiring a candidate via Explorer is only £995. For 2018, we are also offering free membership to schools (usually £200 per year) if their profile page is over 80% complete and up-to-date.

Do we require an ‘exclusivity agreement’?

Not at all. We strongly believe schools should have the freedom to find the most suitable teacher in an open market environment. We are very confident in the quality of our teachers and the value of our services but appreciate sometimes the ‘right’ candidate might come from elsewhere.

Is it easy to access and use?

Yes – you can access it from the Teacher Horizons homepage and it has been designed to be quick and easy to access the candidates you are looking for. We have spent a lot of time designing it to make it very straightforward to use. We will provide clear instructions as to how it works and, if requested, can provide training to schools that sign up if they request it.

We already work with Teacher Horizons – will my school continue to get personal support?

Of course – each school will still have a designated contact at Teacher Horizons who is there to answer any questions or queries, and as mentioned above, can provide training on things like how to use the system, how to check references etc. We have developed systems to help you keep track of candidates so we know who is looking at which candidates and can follow up if necessary.

This service is something we want to develop together, and we are keen to take schools’ feedback on board. That way, we can get it right for everyone.

You can read our full T&Cs and our Safeguarding policy.
Would my school be required to post a job first, in order to use the filter?

Yes – for now you must post a basic job listing first, which would encourage teachers to apply directly to you through your website. Then you can also search for candidates through Teacher Horizons. Post a job now or email info@teacherhorizons.com.

Can my school use both Global and Explorer services at the same time?

Yes. However, in order to keep things fair and simple, we track the candidates you click on and we keep in regular contact with our candidates. If you contact a candidate you like before we find them and send them to you, you only pay the Explorer fee (£995). On the other hand, if a candidate is recommended to you first, you pay the full Global service fee. Please see our T&Cs for more information.

Can my school cheat the system by not telling Teacher Horizons that we have hired someone through the service?

We have built trusting relationships with all of our schools so would never expect this to be an issue. However, we do monitor which candidates schools have clicked on and contacted. We also require (as with our Global service) that schools keep their lead contact at Teacher Horizons copied in on all emails with candidates until the contract is signed, so that we can continue to support both parties throughout the process. Schools are expected to notify us of hiring a candidate within ten days of the contract being signed. If they fail to do this, we will invoice them for our full Global hire fee.

Do we get a refund if candidates drop out?

We expect schools will only hire candidates they have screened and interviewed. They should have done necessary background checks and know are serious about taking the role. As we are not involved in the screening and shortlisting process, we do not offer a refund to schools for our Explorer service. We do offer refunds for our Global service as our recruiters do lots of the screening and interviewing on your behalf. Please see our T&Cs for more information.

How do I get set up?

By getting in contact with one of our Lead Recruitment Advisers. They will help you set up a free profile page and advise you on the right service for you. They can then train you with how to use our Explorer search function if that is what you choose to go for. Request your school’s free profile page or email us for more information.

How many candidates are there?

We have over 100,000 candidates on our database but not all of them are live and currently looking. It depends on how specific you are with your filters, but we hope there will be plenty for you to choose from.

How do I contact candidates?

If you find a candidate you are interested in, click on them. This will take you to the candidate’s profile page with more details about the candidate, including their CV, supporting documents and confidential references. You will also be able to contact them directly. You must always copy in candidate@teacherhorizons.com as well as your Lead Recruitment Adviser at Teacherh Horizons.

What if a candidate doesn’t reply?

As you know, teachers are pretty busy or might not check their personal emails regularly. Our policy is normally to wait a week before nudging schools or candidates for a response. Try this, and if still no response, contact your Teacher Horizons Lead Recruitment Adviser who may be able to provide more information.

Who can I share my login with?

We track the teachers that a school clicks on via Explorer and will invoice you if you hire a candidate you have accessed through Teacher Horizons. You should only share your login details with people in your Senior Leadership Team and HR team who you trust and who are involved with your recruitment process. If a member of the HR team moves on, let us know and we will update your login details.

Can I use it to find references for a candidate I’ve already found via another route?

We will not charge a hire fee for this if you inform us before. If you have hired a teacher and would like to view their profile on Teacher Horizons, email info@teacherhorizons.com and we will send you their profile link.

Are the candidates screened?

All candidates you can see on Explorer are ‘activated’ candidates. This means one of our specialist Recruitment Advisers have reviewed their CV and checked they have the basic qualifications and experience needed to work at an international school.

In many cases, we will have interviewed the candidate and checked their references ourselves. However, we expect schools themselves to do all their own screening, reference follow-ups and safeguarding checks when using our Explorer service. If you would like candidates to have a complete set of references and be fully screened and interviewed in advance, our Global service would be a better option for your school.

Do I need to have a school profile to access candidates?

Yes – you must have a school profile page completed to over 80% in order to start searching for candidates. You must also have posted a basic job listing first, which would encourage teachers to apply directly to you through your website. Then you can also search for candidates through Teacher Horizons. Create a profile page or post a job on your existing page or email info@teacherhorizons.com.

Can I click on as many candidates as I like?

You can click on as many as you like. We recommend contacting five candidates per day initially, so you get an idea of the response rate. Your response rate will depend on a number of factors including the time of year, the location of your school and what can offer as a school.

Read the FAQs for our Global service
How do I know which candidates are available?

Candidates use a traffic light system to show their availability. Green is ‘actively looking’ and visible to schools, amber is ‘open to suggestion’ and not visible on Explorer, and red is unavailable. As a school you can only see green candidates.

Can I see if a teacher from my school is actively looking for another position?

Yes. We do make teachers very aware of this, and we understand that it is not always ideal. However, we find that the key to successful recruitment is transparency, and therefore encourage all of our candidates to be honest with their schools and make their Headteacher aware they are browsing for new positions. We also request that schools do not negatively respond to any of their teachers that they find active on our database.

How do I know if a candidate is still live?

We are aware that sometimes candidates may forget to change their status when unavailable, and to combat this we send them email reminders which prompt them to check their status is correct. We have also introduced a ‘last active’ feature, which tells you when they were online last, so should give you a good idea whether they are currently looking. Finally, our Recruitment Advisers are in contact with many of our candidates, and are vigilant at checking their profiles are kept up to date.

What if I hire a candidate who doesn’t work out?

Your school should contact Teacher Horizons and inform us. We will provide support and advice if this happens and, depending on the issue, may not support the candidate again. We do not provide a refund for Explorer – our platform is designed to connect schools with teachers but allow schools to make the decisions themselves.

Do you have any more questions? Let us know by emailing info@teacherhorizons.com and we will get back to you within 24 hours.
Please feedback to us with any comments so that we can continually develop and improve it.
Want to sign up? Request your school’s free profile page or email us for more information.
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