Visiting schools is a vital part of the Teacher Horizons process, and key in helping teachers find international teaching jobs. Our team at Teacher Horizons have a thorough understanding of what makes a school desirable from a teacher’s perspective. All year we travel to our schools and check in with the quality and environment of the place often so that we can share this wealth of information with you. This Christmas we are sharing this gift with you. We know how useful our site visits are for teachers in making decisions about international schools jobs.

Thinking of teaching around the world? We visit the schools for you so you have even more information to help you in your international teaching job search. Below, we have listed 4 international schools we were lucky to have visited in 2019.

Earlier this year Jo visited the International School of Cape Town.  The journey took her through the beautiful, mountainous, coastal scenery and landed her in the foothills of Table Mountain.


  • The setting and location is really great.
  • The principal is very friendly.
  • As there are just 510 students, it has a homely and close-knit community feel to it, making it a desirable for many international teachers.

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2. Fairgreen International School, Dubai



Fairgreen International School is a very small school. There are only 380 kids but the campus has a capacity for 1000 so there are definitely opportunities for growth.

It is situated on a brand new campus which will focus on innovation and sustainability. The building is also a pioneering architectural design concept. Located in Dubai Sustainable City – a very unique location. It also prides itself as a Plastic free campus!



  • The Headteacher is lovely and takes a strong interest in the personal and professional development of the staff.
  •  There was a strong ethic of care with a great focus on sustainability
  • A collegial atmosphere with great students in a highly unique location.
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3.  The Green School, Bali


The Green School, Bali, is an example of a school that is innovative, creative; they are quite literally taking the walls of education down! In terms of teachers overseas jobs this is a leading one.

Emily, who has visited the school both in 2017 and again more recently in 2019 says: “Not only is the school set in a stunning location, it also offers a forward-thinking, holistic approach to education that enables students to grow and develop into environmentally responsible and community minded individuals.”

Read more about Emily’s visit to the Green School 



  • The tranquil, lush surroundings of the school make a great environment for learning. The emphasis put on community, creativity, individuality, expression, innovation and growth can surely only lead to success for all involved.
  • The school’s desire to instill environmental and social responsibility in their students. In order to achieve this, they use a very holistic and student guided approach to learning, which they feel inspires and empowers each child to be a ‘green leader’.
Keep an eye out for more blogs like this one in the future and have a look back over some of our past school visits, too.

4. Western Academy of BeijingIMG_1058

The school is located in the Chaoyang District of Beijing which is one of the largest districts, but the school itself is tucked away from the hustle and bustle of the main city.  The school has an amazing campus and it is incredibly well-resourced. There is a river that runs through the campus and to get from one part of the school to the other, you have to walk over a huge bridge which has a fantastic view. The school was founded in 1994 and has over 1,500 students. 


  • Despite the size of the campus, it still has a friendly feel.
  • There is an air purification system in the whole school (every class, gym, auditorium, offices, corridors etc) that keep the indoor air very clean and purified.
  • There are also tranquil areas such as the Chinese Garden, Secret Garden, Peace Park and Duck Lake. 


We have over 2000 schools in over 160 countries, so it might take us a while to get around them all, but we endeavour to! We visit new schools every month, for those looking to teach around the world this is a valuable resource.

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