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Posted , by Hannah Fernweh

Have you ever envied the jet-setting lifestyle of other people’s career paths but resigned yourself to the steady commitment of a teaching job back in your home town? Have you ever wanted to extend yourself through your career but seen the teaching field as a one-track system with no upward mobility? If so…read on and… Read more »

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Posted , by Alex Reynolds

As a team of teachers ourselves, we designed Teacher Horizons to simplify your job search and provide free support for teachers looking to move internationally. We work closely with hundreds of great schools all over the world and every year we place teachers in over fifty countries. We hope you will join a quarter of… Read more »

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Posted , by Josh Pull

As teachers, technology influences our careers not only in the classroom but outside it. In this guest post, Josh Pull looks at the growth of online tutoring and its place alongside traditional classroom study. The popularity of international schools around the world continues to grow at a staggering pace. According to the International School Consultancy… Read more »

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Posted , by Amy McLoughlin

As we enter 2016, Wild Asia is excited to begin reflecting on its 10-year journey of identifying leaders responsible for tourism. For the past decade the Malaysian-based sustainability experts have been engaging travel and tourism businesses from all corners of Asia, benchmarking them against global standards, and providing an international platform to share best practice…. Read more »

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Posted , by Gael Luzet

The flipped classroom or ‘flipped learning’ is something that many educators are now experimenting with. It’s a technique in which the lesson is turned ‘upside down’ with learning taking place remotely prior to contact with the teacher. Then, once the concepts have been explored by learners individually, they come to the lesson to consolidate them and/or seek clarification, so the teacher acts more as a facilitator rather than a provider of learning.

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