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The world is your oyster when it comes to international teaching jobs, nowadays. Relocation is easier than it’s ever been and international schools are not going anywhere soon, meaning the demand for teachers in a growing number of countries around the world is constantly increasing. Despite the opportunity, it can be a challenge sorting through the endless options and possibilities.

Searching for international teaching jobs by location

We have done the hard work for you, and selected the three best locations for international teaching jobs in 2020. We have decided on countries that offer a combination of great schools and those which offer a good quality of life. Deciding on location is just one part of the job search process, so we have also shared with you specific reputable international schools Teacher Horizons are partnered with, too.

According to our large community of teachers some criteria remains popular in choosing where to live and work as an international teacher:

  • Salary
  • Experience and professional progression as a teacher
  • Types of teaching opportunities
  • Safety
  • Interesting culture

International teaching jobs by country

Our top 3 locations for international school teaching jobs.

All of the following places enable you to have good options to save, enable you to grow as a teacher, offer an exciting new culture and have various options in terms of type of opportunities and experience needed.


Why has China made our list for top international teaching jobs?

annie-spratt-rdVLN3UFmpU-unsplashThere are international schools in every major city in China.  First and foremost it is a fascinating country, it boasts a wealth of diversity and a rich history. The most known and major cities, known as the “big three” are Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou. These cities also have the largest expat communities and enable teachers to find familiar comforts they would at home in terms of international food and shopping options. Don’t be put off from the smaller towns though-this is where you will really get to dive into regional diversity more and learn about their rich cultural heritage. If you opt for the South of China you will be greeted with a pleasant, tropical climate. If colder climes are more your thing head north for some cool and dry.

Read about International teaching jobs in China from a teacher of ours!

Salary packages for international teaching jobs in China

Your saving potential is great in China.  There is a vast range of salary offered depending on your experience and the type of school. The average pay is about 2,200 USD per month at the low end for an international teacher. What qualifications and experience you have definitely determine how much this ranges in China.

Expectations & Requirements for international teaching jobs in China.

A common question is “Do I need a Teaching Licence for international teaching in China?” and for international teaching jobs this is the case. A Bachelor’s degree in the subject you will teach is required and a teaching certification like a PGCE, licence or equivalent depending on where you studied. Teaching experience relevant to the subject will teach is expected. Due to the visa regulations 2 years prior experience is required.

Things to consider when searching for international teaching jobs in China

Public healthcare is available in China, although the quality is variable. Most expats choose to use private health insurance. Many international schools offer private health insurance as part of their benefits package. There can be heavy pollution in some cities but do your research. Our Advisers know China well and will be able chat to you about this and help you find the best placeome locations might not be as bad as we tend to think as outsiders.

Teacher Horizons endorsed and visited in China:

The British School Guangzhou

Beijing International School

The United Arab Emirates – Dubai.

Why has Dubai made our list for top international teaching jobs?

Dubai is an illustrious city that remains in our list of top locations to teach in.  Teachers in our community choose Dubai time and time again for many reasons. The modern lifestyle, no tax on teacher salaries and a wealth of activities outside of the classroom are leading reasons that set it apart from other places.

Dubai is a melting pot of diverse food, culture and people.  While the architecture is state-of-the-art, so are other aspects of the city.  Known as a business Mecca, it is innovative across domains including its schools and curriculum. Outside of school, teachers can head to the beach, do plenty of the outdoor activities, if that’s your thing, or even head out for some desert activities like camel riding.

Salary packages for international teaching jobs in Dubai

Dubai offers lucrative salary packages to match their high quality international schools. They pay well for good teachers and put value in offering exceptional services in their schools.  Of course, like anywhere, quality can vary but Dubai has many in of a high rank. The salary is around $2,400-$4,000 per month.

Expectations & requirements for international teaching jobs in Dubai.

Whatever curriculum you are trained in you will be able to find in Dubai. American, British and IB curriculum are widely taught.  All teachers need a teaching qualification and must teach in the subject they are trained in. Usually two years experience is required.

Things to consider when searching for international teaching jobs in Dubai

It is considered illegal to live together unmarried in Dubai, so take this into consideration if you are making the move with your partner. Our Advisers will also be able to share their experiences in this matter with you.

Teacher Horizons endorsed and visited schools in Dubai:

Universal American School

Uptown school


Why has Japan made our list for top international teaching jobs?

tianshu-liu-SBK40fdKbAg-unsplashJapan is on many people’s bucket list. It is the kind of country that is so unique that going there and experiencing it for yourself is the only way to fully know it, and even then it takes time to get below the surface.   Living and working there allows you to immerse yourself in the country, in ways that you cannot do on a short trip. You will discover Japan’s rich history, beautiful scenery and of course, it’s delectable food.

Salary packages for international teaching jobs in Japan

Salary packages for international teaching jobs in Japan start at around 2, 400USD per month in international schools. Benefits are usually pretty good though and many offer housing and cover your relocation costs.

Expectations & Requirements for international teaching jobs in Japan

Most international schools in Japan require two years of teaching experience on top of a Bachelors degree and a teaching licence / PGCE.  An additional requirement is the Japanese Alien Registration card along which you get alongside your working visa.  The curriculum used is usually either American, British or the International Baccalaureate.

Things to consider when searching for international teaching jobs in Japan

As the culture is very unique and might be far from what you are used to, research etiquette and cultural norms before going to get an idea of some of their customs. The rest you will pick up as you go along, be patient and practice respect first and foremost. The language is incredibly complex with three different alphabets. To scratch the surface you could practice some Katakana before you arrive which is used for foreign words so you can spell your name, and read simple English words on menus.  Kanji will take you significantly longer with 2’000 characters!

Teacher Horizons endorsed schools in Japan:

Nagoya International School

Montessori School of Tokyo

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Our  community of teachers get access to hundreds of teaching opportunities in some of the best schools and most exciting countries around the world. We understand balancing your regular life while finding your next job can be hard.  Teacher Horizons can help take the chore out of the international school job search by making it simple, transparent, exciting and importantly so… you can Join free!

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