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Posted , by Tiffany Kibblewhite

We are very excited that Teacher Horizons and Teach First are collaborating and have developed a network of Teach First ambassadors who are interested or involved in education overseas. Join our network if you are a Teach First ambassador Why join this community? We believe that joining this network will benefit Teach First ambassadors all… Read more »

Posted , by Alexandra Plummer

A transparent & unique school screening process.  Are you curious about how we choose the schools we work with? As an international teacher you want to know that the school you are applying for is legitimate. As a school you want to know you are part of a reputable and personable platform full of the… Read more »

Posted , by Alexandra Plummer

We have all witnessed the vast changes that the Coronavirus global pandemic has had across all aspects our lives. In the international education sector the impact is likely to shape the future of international education as we know it. We’ve observed changes that we expect are likely to stick around post pandemic. While each point… Read more »

Posted , by Alexandra Plummer

We have been closely following international school closures and the creative ways students, teachers and parents have been adjusting to Covid-19 around the world. Now we are starting to see the next shift—the reopening phase! But, what will post lock-down school reopening look like? Across the globe schools closed in order to contain the Covid-19… Read more »

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