As international school recruitment has been forced to move online, we have been seeing a rise in remote services and virtual fairs. In what has been a turbulent year for all in international school recruitment, Teacher Horizons continues to create optimal experiences for both teachers and schools. We’re excited to share some new virtual events with you and other ways we are growing our community of engaged teachers and schools, despite the challenges this year has brought about. 

What’s new in international school recruitment? 

It’s hard to know the overall impact that the Coronavirus pandemic has had on international recruitment as it stands but despite the reduction in movement around the world, international school recruitment has continued, albeit a bit slower or with a different approach. The pandemic has shifted international recruitment significantly towards online recruitment and we don’t expect that this will return to face-to-face recruitment. 

What’s new for Teacher Horizons recruitment? 

With over a decade of experience building a global community in international education online, we haven’t had to deal with moving our efforts online but instead have been able to concentrate on enriching our community for an even more connected, collaborative and supported home from home. 

We have exciting new services coming up this month: Virtual Fairs and Speed Matching. 

The future of recruitment in action: join our Speed Matching event, 14 November

What is Speed Matching? 

You have likely heard of international job fairs and seen advertisements for new recruitment fairs, but this one is different. Unlike the more traditional counterparts we want to be more efficient and focused. 

What can I expect from the event? 

  • One hour long event
  • Interact with a number of international schools looking to hire
  • Sort by your subject area
  • Teacher Horizons offers information on these schools 
  • Teacher Horizons offers personalised advice on how to stand out. 

Learn more about this unmissable opportunity 

Virtual recruitment fair: China and Hong Kong, 21 November

November is full speed ahead for us, pardon the pun. As well as Speed Matching we also have the opportunity for teachers to be part of a special online recruitment fair for Yew Chung Education Foundation. Join us and secure your new job for 2021!

Why Yew Chung Education Foundation? 

Since 2013, we have placed over 200 happy teachers in YCEF schools and their feedback has been resoundingly positive. The schools all provide a competitive salary, a private pension scheme, private healthcare, accommodation, and a yearly flight allowance. What’s not to love?

What can I expect from the virtual fair? 

  • Meet head teachers from Yew Chung International Schools
  • Pre-scheduled job interviews
  • Teacher Horizons candidates will get first access to all teaching jobs at YCEF for August 2021. 

How else is Teacher Horizons leading online recruitment services for teachers to find jobs abroad?

In addition to the exciting upcoming events: Virtual Fairs & Speed Matching, we have also been busy strengthening our online presence for a true virtual home for teachers and schools. The overall look of the site with better quality images and videos help visitors get a true experience. We have exciting new initiatives which make sharing of informational easy, transparent and comprehensive. You can see that our community pages are getting filled in with information, our teacher ambassador programme is under way and our new SLT page is offering advice from experts in senior leadership. The future of international school recruitment is online – and we are leading the way! 

  1. Our Community Tabs 

As well as doubling the amount of information available from schools on their profile pages, we also want the community to have a say in the information provided about the school. Welcome, the community tabs. The Community section on the school profile pages gives full insider knowledge and experiences about everything school related, from family, accommodation, travel, lifestyle and integration, etc. 

  1. Our Ambassador Programme

Our Teacher Ambassador programme, where one teacher in each school represents the community and encourages the sharing of school experiences, enables a transparent and community approach to online recruitment. Like networking and word of mouth but online, the ambassador program encourages deeper knowledge and understanding around school and teacher experiences. 

  1. Our Senior Leadership pages

We understand that senior leadership  needs a tailored approach so we have created a new SLT page we are really proud of. Instead of being lumped together with other recruitment processes we offer a wealth of information on the school a senior leader might be considering as well as free advice from experts. Our SLT pages offer transparent and detailed information on thousands of schools, making online recruitment more organized and tailored. 

“I enthusiastically recommend the services provided by the Teacher Horizon’s Senior Leadership team to those seeking international posts.  While the user-friendly website and divergent range of roles offered convinced me to create a TH profile, it was the personalised attention of Caroline throughout my recent job search that set their recruitment process above other agencies.  From curating a short list of best fit options to timely communications through the interviews and contract negotiations, she was with me each step of the way.  After a decade in the international educational sector, I know and appreciate the full range of support Teacher Horizons offers!”

Ann Lindsay, Head of Middle School, Singapore International School Mumbai

What can we expect to see in the future for international recruitment? 

We believe international teacher recruitment is going to remain online, so focusing on teacher and school co-creation will build a depth of insights for teachers and schools making the entire recruitment process more transparent, efficient and smooth. 

We offer a wide variety of international teaching jobs and provide detailed and transparent information about our partner schools. Teachers in our community gain access to our team’s first-hand experience of visiting these schools, so they can then make informed decisions for their next international move.

As teachers and schools continue to share, contribute and update their experiences and join our exciting events, our global community will continue to thrive. We are already at 270,000 members and 3’000 international schools. It’s encouraging times for the future of virtual international school recruitment. 

 Join Teacher Horizons now to be able to register for Yew Chung’s virtual fair and Speed Matching 

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