Your CV is a great place to showcase your skills. In creative industries there’s a lot of buzz about making your CV ultra-eyecatching by designing it in the form of a webgame, menu, or printing it on a milk carton. So how better to show off your lesson-planning and activity-designing flair than by making your CV a lesson in itself? Here are a few silly ideas to make your teaching CV more interactive.

The maths teacher CV

Present key figures and dates as complex equations which must be solved and plotted on a chart to find out exactly how much IB experience you have.

The English literature CV

Write about your experience and education in an epic block of rhyming couplets in Shakespearean English. The recruiter must translate the text into modern English in order to understand it.

The listening skills CV

Supply your CV in .mp3 format. Include a worksheet that gives practice of at least 3 question-types such as multiple choice, summary completion, and diagram labelling. Peer check, OCFB.

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The kindergarten CV

Supply your CV in large print with friendly illustrations. Include tracing paper and coloured pencils. Use short words.

The kinetic CV

Print out the different parts of your CV on coloured paper, laminate and mail as a pack. Include some red herrings that do not need to be used. Instruct recruiters they have 5 minutes to assemble it in the correct order. Don’t forget to ask for it back afterwards!

The flipped classroom CV

recruiterChallenge the recruiter to find out as much as possible about you before you give them your CV. Using the powers of Google and Linkedin, this shouldn’t be too difficult.

The board game CV

Create a board game for groups of 4 recruiters. 2 teams of 2 recruiters must compete against each other, rolling dice and answering subject-specific questions to earn clues. The first pair to accurately construct your CV is the winner, and can interview you as a prize.


Provide only a series of confusing diagrams illustrating your experience and education. Students must write about your skills and experience using the passive voice.

The creative writing CV

Give a few key facts and the recruiter must write a dramatic account of your career to date, inventing details as necessary. Award marks for vocabulary, complex sentences and inventiveness.

Disclaimer: Teacher Horizons accept no responsibility for lack of job offers if you follow these tips. For proper CV advice, read our post on how to write your international school CV or see our related posts about job hunting.

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Written by Sammy Tame
who lives and teaches in Cambodia. Sammy has her own blog.
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