As another year of recruitment draws to a close, we find we have beaten our record again, placing more teachers than ever before! This successful bunch are now getting ready to board that plane and start afresh in a new school, in a new country.  We want to share with you some feedback from them about how their process with Teacher Horizons was, and what exciting adventure they are looking forward to.


Kristen HughesKristen is venturing to Vietnam!

As I had already completed my profile and my references were in place prior to looking for a new role, I found the entire recruitment process from start to finish went incredibly smoothly and quickly. Anisha (Lead Recruitment Consultant) was very supportive and professional. After a Skype discussion, Anisha was able to recommend roles which she felt were particularly suitable for me.

Anisha, was great. She telephoned me when I had not replied to an interview offer (as it had gone into my junk mail) and without that personal touch I would not be starting a new role in Vietnam in January. I also really liked the fact that she considered roles that were suitable to my teaching style and philosophy so I didn’t feel I was being pushed into applying for unsuitable jobs.

I am really looking forward to getting to know my new class.

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J Tomlin and penguin
Judson will sing our praises from Singapore

So many positives about my experience with TH. I think the biggest thing was that Tiffany actually took the time to get to know me a bit by email and over Skype and listened to what I said I was looking for in a potential school. Instead of throwing every available school to me, she would match me with schools that she thought were a good fit for me and was able to clearly articulate why she thought each school matched what I was looking for. Additionally, there was great support going into interviews–simple things like quick, positive emails of encouragement, along with brief follow-ups and a few really useful logistics, like linking to a short video on how to create a professional setup for a Skype interview. The other big positive I would highlight is that I never felt inundated by emails from TH–no marketing stuff, no unnecessary communication–everything that came through was personal and pertinent to me…and, as soon as I accepted a post, the weekly emails with new vacancies stopped without me having to take any additional steps. I really felt like TH valued my time, which is a huge help for busy teachers.

I am looking forward to being able to do more fieldwork with my students in some interesting locations throughout Southeast Asia!

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Talim ArabTalim will be tripping to Turkey!

TeacherHorizons gave me step-by-step information on finding a job overseas. An initial interview gave me clarity about what was required teaching in an international school. My consultant was incredibly informative and helpful. At no stage did I feel pressured to take a job and actively advised to think carefully before committing to the interview process.

Since there are no job fairs, Teacher Horizons offer a far more personalised service. I felt like I was being taken care of every step of the way from recommendation to accepting a position. They are super friendly and very down to earth without sacrificing professionalism.

I can’t wait to start teaching the IB curriculum!

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meganMegan is moving to Morocco!

My advisor worked hard to understand exactly what it was I was looking for and then helped me to find the perfect job in my dream location. I was contacted by various schools and also put myself forward for a couple that worked for me. Within around a month I had secured a job in a location I hadn’t even considered.

Making a profile on Teacher Horizons instantly gave me access to a wealth of incredible opportunities, without having to fill out lengthy applications or repeatedly pester my references for each different role I was interested in. My advisor worked hard to understand exactly what it was I was looking for and then helped me to find the perfect job in my dream location.

I am excited for a challenging new role, career development, an interesting culture / location and a new climate.

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